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2x3 Area Rugs

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 When we're talking about how to choose the right rug size, sadly, one size does not fit all! But the good news is that rugs come in various sizes. Or you might be wondering what the smallest area rug size is? Today we're going to talk about 2x3 area rugs. A well-placed 2x3 area rug can highlight your room's décor and elevate the existing style. 

Decorating With 2x3 Area Rugs

Due to their smaller size, 2x3 area rugs can be used in many areas of your home. You can add your 2x3 rug to the décor through the color palette, tying the pieces together and using each part of the decoration. They come in many different color schemes, patterns, designs, and materials, so whether you're looking for 2x3 oriental area rugs or 2x3 wool area rugs, you have many options to choose from.

Picking the Right 2x3 Area Rug

Since there are so many options out there for 2x3 area rugs, you may be confused about how to decide. So before you begin shopping, you should choose where to place your 2x3 area rug. 


2x3 area rugs placed right inside the door will definitely be the first thing your guests see. They are a great way to enhance your décor and make a first impression. Most importantly, they will help you keep your house clean. 


You can place a 2x3 area rug in front of your sink, stove, or any place where you tend to be standing still in your kitchen. Warm colors like 2x3 red area rugs will raise your appetite! Just make sure to pick a washable rug since kitchen area rugs tend to get dirty. 


You need to be extra careful when picking rugs for bathrooms. Water and moisture-resistant, non-skid area rugs 2x3 are great for bathrooms. You can place them in front of your sinks or showers. 2x3 blue area rugs are generally an excellent choice for bathrooms in style and practicality.

Outdoor Areas

You do not have to limit your design to your indoor spaces. Spending time outside on your porch, deck, or garden is a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors. 2x3 area rugs can also be a great addition to your outdoor areas by being functional and, at the same time, fashionable. 

Great for Layering

No matter what your style preference is, whether it's bohemian, contemporary, vintage, floral, or traditional, 2x3 area rugs are ideal for layering. You can use them to make contrasts or accentuate your existing color palette.

Material, Color, and Patterns

The material of the rug is essential when used in high-traffic areas or outdoors. For example, area rugs used in entryway areas should be resistant to dirt, abrasions, and moisture; or an outdoor area rug should be durable and easy to clean. So depending on where you place your 2x3 area rug, you should consider the material used. 

As mentioned earlier, 2x3 area rugs come in various patterns and styles. Depending on your overall design, picking an oriental or vintage rug can be the key element that ties your room together. The pattern is the key to defining the rug's style, but the rug’s color palette is equally essential. 2x3 green area rugs can be a fantastic addition to your earthy design, or neutral tones like grey, black, or beige can be the thing for your modern design. The key is to choose colors that compliment your existing color palette and convey the same overall tone.


2x3 rugs are 61 to 92 centimeters long. In terms of inches, they are 24 to 36 inches.

2x3 rugs are considered smaller within the range of standard rug sizes. That means it is best that they are used for narrower locations such as the entry lobby and smaller rooms. However, they can also be used as a center of focus in larger rooms as well.