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White Area Rugs

  • Boho Rug 2x7 Multi
    Boho Rug 8x10 Gray

    Bohemian Geometric Area Rug

    from $24.85

    Antep Rugs Phoenix Bohemian Geometric Indoor Area Rug  Add a fashionable complement to a living room, dining room or bedroom with this versatile in...

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    from $24.85
  • Contemporary Area Rug
    Contemporary Area Rug

    Abstract Contemporary Area Rug

    from $35.85

    Antep Rugs Pastel Collection Abstract Contemporary Indoor Area Rug Add a fashionable complement to a living room, dining room or bedroom with this ...

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    from $35.85
  • Abstract Area Rug 2x7
    Abstract Area Rug
    Sold out

    Abstract Painting Area Rug

    from $35.85

    Antep Rugs Pastel Collection Abstract Painting Indoor Area Rug Add a fashionable complement to a living room, dining room or bedroom with this vers...

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    from $35.85
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  • Modern Abstract Rug
    Modern Abstract Rug

    Modern Abstract Area Rug

    from $35.85

    Antep Rugs Pastel Collection Abstract Contemporary Indoor Area Rug Add a fashionable complement to a living room, dining room or bedroom with this ...

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    from $35.85

Rugs are not mere accessories, but they are one of the most essential items in interior design: They complete and complement a room. If you are unsure about what color of rugs would go well with your room, take a closer look at our white rugs guide below!

One’s home is one’s castle, safe haven, favorite place. That is why we all spend a lot of time and put in much effort to make our homes comfortable, inviting, and on par with our taste. In our mission to beautify our living spaces, rugs play an important role. With a rug that is functional and chic, you can instantly make your living space feel cozier and more inviting.

White, black, red, brown, green, orange… There are many different rug colors available in a wide range of different styles. In this article, we are taking a closer look at a recent one in rug trends: White rugs!

White rugs go very well with different interior design styles including but not limited to transitional, classic, modern, minimalistic, and eclectic. Moreover, they complement cool colors and warm colors alike. If you are wondering pros and cons of white rugs, keep reading!

You don’t have to go full white either. You can spruce it up with combos.

Nothing quite matches the elegance of a black and white color scheme. To achieve your monochrome look, begin by choosing a black, white, or grey rug as the building blocks for your interior scheme. You can then start building up from here with other aspects such as furniture and accessories. The black and white combination has been around for centuries, so as well as being able to create a beautiful, sleek interior, you can also make use of the monochrome scheme to create a more vintage appeal.

There’s a viable option that is always refreshing in a bedroom: sea colors. Blue, white, and green-themed rooms are absolutely beautiful. Choosing dual tones for the blue helps the white keep its presence. It makes it so that it’s not so bright, but it still brings some elegance to it. The rug can also match just small amounts of colors of your bedspread and more.

If you’re looking little small, fancy patterns with white bedroom rugs can make it look bigger than they really are. A patterned rug gives the room a longer look while corresponding with the color scheme. It also gives the room a very modern look. These are the types of rugs that are popular in children’s bedrooms or dorm rooms because of their ability to fit in with solid-colored walls and small rooms.

Gray and white: The Perfect Neutral

Many of us grew up with the usual neutral color staples; white, brown, and the many variations of shades from those two basic colors.

Brown can look elegant and sophisticated whether it’s light or dark, but regardless of which shade you choose, it still has an undeniably warm tone.

White is timeless, classic, yet it’s also easy to grow tired of. Because of its versatility, it’s been used pretty much everywhere in the home. Often, when you move into a new space, the walls are either beige or white.

The times are changing, and fashion trends aren’t the only ones that change from year to year. At long last, a new color has been awarded recognition for its effortless contribution to interior design.

Gray looks good in almost any shade, and despite being technically described as a cool color, it pairs well with most warm colors too. Gray and white rugs might be an elegant touch to your room.

Just like bed linens and a throw rug, a well-placed white rug can instantly make a room look ten times more luxurious, especially with its soft, cushiony surface and long, lustrous fibers, there’s no way you can resist the urge to bury your feet into its plush, cloud-like pile.

If you still need final pointers, you can use your white rugs:

  • To make your entryway or foyer look more inviting,
  • To glam up your walk-in closet,
  • To complement black and white room décor,
  • To infuse comfort and warmth in your nursery or kids’ playroom,
  • To add a touch of luxe to neutral spaces and empty hallways,
  • To create a nice, warm landing for your feet around the bed,
  • To complement a vintage vibe, or tie multiple themes and colorful elements together.


White area rugs can combine with virtually any color thanks to their neutral and soft color range. You can create striking contrasts with black, and gray. If you want to create a more soothing color theme, then you can consider combining white area rugs with blue, green, yellow, and salmon pink color options.

White is a very popular color that never ceases to forfeit its crown within the home design scenery. White area rugs are the same, they are highly popular due to their relaxing and elegant style.

First, you will want to keep dirt and dust out of your carpet. We recommend not wearing shoes indoors. You can make a “no shoes” rule for your house and request that guests remove their shoes when they come in as well. Hopefully, this policy can help limit the amount of dirt that gets into your carpet. Dirt and dust are inevitably still going to get on your carpet. You can’t avoid it. What you can do, however, is vacuum often to remove particles from your white carpet. Why is it important to vacuum a lot? Dirt and dust are not going to change or fade your carpeting unless they get pressed into the material. When you vacuum, you remove these unwanted particles before they do any damage.

Following a regular maintenance schedule and having a “no shoes” rule will help you keep your white carpet looking clean and bright. However, you will inevitably experience spills. It is usually not realistic to ask people, especially guests, to not eat or drink on your carpet. They won’t want to visit if you make them too stressed about spilling on your pristine floor covering. The first step in your spill response should be to soak up as much of the spill as possible. You do this by getting a cloth and blotting the area. The most important rule of spill response is not to rub the spilled material into the carpet. Scrubbing will only grind the stain deeper into the floor and spread it out over a larger area After blotting, you can rinse the area with clean water and then blot again. You can repeat the blot-and-rinse process several times.

We’d avoid using a white rug in areas where spills and dirty feet are likely to wreak havoc—the entryway, kitchen, dining room, and kids’ rooms. And make sure you choose an indoor/outdoor rug if you’re planning to put it on a covered porch.

Spills and stains can be more pronounced on white carpets. However, this color can also hide dust, pet hair, and some common indoor materials better than darker carpets. As long as you know how to clean, it is realistic to expect to keep your white carpet in pristine condition.