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Southwestern Rugs

  • Southwest Outdoor Rug 5x7
    Southwest Outdoor Rug
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    Antep Rugs Patio Outdoor/Indoor Aztec Area Rug Perfect for Outdoor Patio, Porch, Deck Area, Dining Room, Living Room and Bedroom. Wash with mild de...

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    from $79.85

Highlight your sophisticated taste in interior design with Southwestern style rugs. Rugs tie the room together, that is why you should choose a style that complements your overall aesthetic. With their rugged textures, inviting colors and authentic style, Southwestern rugs go very well with rustic and cabin style interior design.

Southwestern Style Rugs

Produced using handcrafted materials, Southwestern style rugs has been around for centuries. Although their aesthetic is not very easy to pin down, Southwestern rugs derive their inspiration from a wide range of sources including Aztec art, Native American art, and Navajo art. That is why Southwestern area rugs offer a characteristic and ethnic look. 

A rocky, prominent texture, bright colors, intricate geometric patterns, and earthy shades characterize Southwestern rugs. Due to the heavy influence of Native American tribes, Southwestern rugs are also known as Aztec rugs. Shaped by the resourcefulness of Native American tribes, these rugs reflect craftsmanship and diligence: The level of detail in each rug is very impressive.

If you want to add some splash of color and a bit of warmth to your home, Southwestern style rugs are perfect for you. You can recognize an authentic Southwestern style rug from the design elements and colors. Since Southwestern rugs have their roots in Native American tribes’ rugs, tapestries, and blankets, they employ a traditional palette: Adobe red, dusty orange, vivid yellow, cactus green, bright blue, neutral hues, black and brown. 

The elements of nature and daily life found their way into Southwestern rugs. That is why geometric patterns resembling animals, leaves, rivers, sun and so forth are very prominent in authentic Southwestern style rugs.  

If you opt for a more modern look, you can also find less traditional versions of native rugs. You can find more contemporary elements like shades of gray and black, minimalistic patterns, unique shapes in novel Southwestern style area rugs.

Decorating with Southwestern Rugs

If you are not very familiar with Southwestern interior design style, you might be confused by the wide range and variety of the options. Shaped by a specific period of American history, Southwestern style adopts elements of Wild West: Dessert hues, vivid reds and oranges, somber browns, leather accents, cactus and other decorative dessert plants...

Hundreds of years of tradition, merger of different cultures and ways of living, a challenging geography, and the sense of being in touch with the nature are the pillars of Southwestern aesthetic. In other words, this interior design style is less about colors and patterns, more about the history and certain feelings.

Unlike many other interior design aesthetics, Southwestern style is packed with tradition, culture, and depth. If you want to truly understand and appreciate Southwestern aesthetic, we strongly recommend you get familiar with the history behind it. 

Vintage Southwestern rugs complement cabins and cottages nicely. You can go for orange or turquoise Southwestern rugs to add some color to your home.

You can use Southwest area rugs in almost any room: They look gorgeous in the living room, add some drama to the kitchen, make bedrooms feel more stylish, and add a cozy element to the bathrooms. Since they are easy to care for, you can lay Southwestern area rugs in high traffic areas like corridors as well. Moreover, round Southwestern rugs look very inviting in balconies and porticos.

In addition, you can also add some character to your garden with outdoor Southwestern rugs. Outdoor native rugs are pretty durable and stylish, so you can use them in your yard, garden, portico, terrace, balcony and so forth.

Southwestern style rugs make great cabin rugs, lodge rugs and log cabin rugs since they complement such interior design styles very well. Their geometric patterns and warm colors can make any space feel more home-y. 

Best Southwestern area rugs have a welcoming and gracious color palette! These rugs go very well with eclectic interior design styles. You can pair your native rug with jute carpets to create a more sophisticated look or you can highlight the “western” in Southwestern by pairing your native rug with accessories like cowboy hats, potted dessert plants, and horseshoe wall art. 

If you want to add drama to your contemporary home with some ethnic statement pieces, you can consider incorporating some beautiful Southwestern rugs. With a careful choice of palette, you can make native rugs look impeccable with different interior design styles like contemporary and urban.

If you need some inspiration, take a closer look at our wide selection of Southwestern rugs.

Trendy Southwestern Style Rugs

In accordance with your taste and overall style of your home, you can opt for traditional Southwestern rugs or more contemporary ones. Round Southwestern rugs, orange Southwestern rugs, and square Southwestern rugs have gained particular popularity.

If you are after a more classic look, vintage Southwestern rugs are perfect for you. Eye-catching oranges, exquisite browns, delightful reds, somber greens and dessert hues make up the color palette of a traditional Southwestern rug. 

If you are leaning towards a more contemporary style, you can find cool blues, vivid greens, understated grays and attractive blacks in modern Southwestern rugs.


Southwestern rugs are rugs that combine earthy tones that reflect the beautiful atmosphere of desert landscapes with rugged textures.

Bright and earthy tones go best with southwestern rugs such as red, brick, mahogany, chestnut, yellow, and orange.

Southwestern rugs can create an elegant and lively decoration theme for your living quarters. They are currently very popular for homes and venues that like to bring an air of desert scenery to their interior decoration.

Cleaning Southwestern rugs are very easy! You need to use mild cleaning products, warm water and a gentle wash cloth or a towel. Also remember that the mixture of club soda and water can do wonders for your Southwestern rugs.

Southwestern rugs go very well with a wide range of different interior design styles including contemporary, traditional, country and Western.

There are so many color options! Traditional Southwestern rugs derive their inspiration from Wild West so their color palette mainly consists of red, orange, earthy tones, brown and green. More modern Southwestern rugs have a even more diverse palette that covers pinks, blues, purples, grays and much more.