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Moroccan Rugs

  •  Moroccan Rug 3x5 Multi
     Moroccan Rug 3x5 Red
    from $34.85

    Antep Rugs Alfombras Moroccan Geometric Non-Skid (Non-Slip) Low Profile Pile Rubber Backing Indoor Area Rug Perfect for Dining Room, Living Room, B...

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    from $34.85
  • Non Slip Distressed Boho Area Rugs
    Non Slip Distressed Boho Area Rugs Black 5x7
    from $31.85

    Antep Rugs Alfombras Non-Skid (Non-Slip) Rubber Back Bohemian Distressed Moroccan Boho Low Pile Profile Indoor Area Rug Perfect for Dining Room, Li...

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    from $31.85
  • Southwest Outdoor Rug 5x7
    Southwest Outdoor Rug
    from $79.85

    Antep Rugs Patio Outdoor/Indoor Aztec Area Rug Perfect for Outdoor Patio, Porch, Deck Area, Dining Room, Living Room and Bedroom. Wash with mild de...

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    from $79.85
  • Moroccan Shag Indoor Area Rugs
    Moroccan Shag Indoor Area Rugs
    Sold out
    from $49.85

    Antep Rugs Palafito Moroccan Shag Diamond High-Low Pile Textured Indoor Area Rug Perfect for Dining Room, Living Room, Bedroom. Spot clean with mil...

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    from $49.85
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You can instantly make any room look more sophisticated with high quality, Moroccan vintage rugs. If you cannot decide which Moroccan style rugs would go well with your style, keep reading our extensive guide.

Rugs make or break a room! The right rug ties a room together and makes it look much more sophisticated while the wrong ones create a cluttery, unfinished look. That is why it is very important to pay attention to little details and bear in mind the overall style you are going for while choosing a rug for your home.

Textured, vivid and refined, Moroccan rugs go very well with many different interior design styles including but not limited to modern, traditional, transitional, country, minimalist, and eclectic. Their simple geometric patterns and soft texture make Moroccan rugs look and feel very authentic. If you are looking for high quality and trendy Moroccan rugs that will last a lifetime, you are in the right place. Read our detailed guide to Moroccan rugs below and take a closer look at the exquisite selection of Moroccan carpets and rugs we offer.

Moroccan Style Rugs

Traditional Moroccan rugs are characterized by their elegant look, eye catching colors and simple yet impressive patterns. Deriving their inspiration from traditional Moroccan art and history along with the Persian influence over the region, Morocco rugs have a style that is rather difficult to pin down. From earthy, understated hues to lively colors, authentic Moroccan rugs come in different shades. Moreover, modern Moroccan rugs are not afraid of experimenting with the patterns as well: Some have very intricate patterns while others are very minimalistic.

Despite the difference in their looks, all types of Moroccan rugs share one very important quality: The unmistakable sense of luxury. Produced to last, handmade Moroccan rugs surely pass the test of time so well that generations pass down these rugs as part of their inheritance.

Also known as Berber rugs or Amazigh rugs, Moroccan style rugs owe a large part of their authentic look and charms to their asymmetrical beauty. If you are tired of same old, fabricated looking rugs, Moroccan area rugs will feel like a fresh breath of air for you.

If you are looking for more traditional Moroccan rugs with a tribal feel, you should take a closer look at Rabat rugs which are inspired by Persian art and aesthetics. You can pair Rabat rugs with more traditional or classic interior design styles to create a room that looks and feels lavish. 

As we mentioned earlier, you can find a very wide range of different Moroccan carpet styles including modern and minimalistic. If you want luxurious rugs with more of an urban feel, you should consider more contemporary Moroccan rugs. Produced with high quality wool, contemporary Moroccan rugs come in very different shades and styles: black, white, off-white, purple, red, brown and more.

You can incorporate contemporary style Moroccan rugs with modern, minimalistic, futuristic, transitional, urban and many more interior design styles. If you want to add some warmth to your home, Moroccan rugs are the best accessory for you.

Trendy Moroccan Rugs

Gaining popularity in the recent years, Moroccan style area rugs come in very different styles and colors. Depending on your taste and the overall aesthetic you are aiming for, you can opt for modern Moroccan rugs or vintage Moroccan rugs.

Traditional and authentic Moroccan rugs work best with more traditional interior design styles. Gold accents, warm colors, lots of accessories and lively potted plants complement vintage and traditional Moroccan rugs very well. Such rugs often have minimalistic geometric patterns, a soft and fluffy feel, along with earthy or warm colors.

Another option is modern Moroccan rugs. You can pair more modern Moroccan rugs with transitional, modern, futuristic, or urban interior design styles. Industrial accessories, jute carpets, wall arts, chic and functional decors work well with modern Moroccan rugs. Such rugs often have bold and loud colors, minimalistic and asymmetrical patterns.

Decorating with Moroccan Rugs

If you want to elevate your home with high quality Moroccan rugs, you must pay attention to the details. Depending on your taste, you can go with more modern or traditional Moroccan rugs. Once you settled on the style, you should consider different color and pattern options. 

Some Moroccan rugs have little to no pattern while others have intricate and eye catching geometric patterns. If you have a more eclectic interior design style, a brave rug with prominent geometric patterns will complement your home the best. Moreover, you can go for a loud Moroccan rug as an accent piece to bring some energy to your otherwise very understated room.

If your style leans more on modern pieces and sharp, clean lines, you should consider Berber Moroccan rugs or more contemporary Moroccan rugs. You can add a pop of color to your home with green Moroccan rugs or red Moroccan rugs. If you don’t want your rug to steal the show, you can go for a quieter alternative with muted colors and little to no pattern.

Another clever trick for decorating is layering Moroccan rugs! You can create an inviting and cozy atmosphere by layering rugs whose patterns and colors complement one another.


Moroccan rugs are rugs that are weaved in the ethnic style of Morocco. They are hand-woven and made by using natural fibers.

There are many varieties of Moroccan rugs such as but not being limited to Azilal rugs, Boujad rugs, Boucherouite rugs, Beni Ourain rugs, kilim rugs, Taznakht rugs, and Zanafi rugs.

You can find high quality, durable and beautiful Moroccan rugs on our web page. You can browse by color, style and size. Take a closer look now to get inspired!

Moroccan rugs are luxurious pieces, that is why they require great care. If you want to clean your Moroccan rug, you must avoid using harsh chemicals or detergents. Instead, you can use laundry soap or a mild cleaning product. Hot water is the enemy of Moroccan rugs since it is never good for wool, that is why you must use cold water to clean your rug. After you are done with washing your Moroccan rug, you must fully dry it in the sun before putting it back on the floor. You can also occasionally gently brush your rug to remove excess wool.

If you want to layer Moroccan rugs, you must make sure that their style and colors complement each other. You should also invest in a high quality rug pad to keep them from slipping.

Due to their durable weaving technique and beautiful colors, Moroccan rugs are highly sought all over the world. This makes them excellent rugs for creating a unique decoration style and hence Moroccan rugs are always in style.