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Non-Slip Area Rugs

Non-Slip Area Rugs

  • Bordered Rug 5x7 Gray Folded
    Bordered Rug 5x7 Gray

    Alfombras Modern Bordered Non-Slip Area Rug

    from $19.85

    Perfect for Dining Room, Living Room, Bedroom. Lightweight and low profile. No Additional Rug Pad Needed. Spot clean with mild soap. Vacuum Regular...

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    from $19.85
  • Oriental Rug 2'3x4 Black
    Oriental Rug 3x5 Maroon

    Alfombras Oriental Traditional Non-Slip Area Rug

    from $29.85

    Antep Rugs Alfombras Oriental Traditional Non-Skid (Non-Slip) Low Profile Pile Rubber Backing Indoor Area Rug Perfect for Dining Room, Living Room,...

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    from $29.85
  • Modern Floral Rug 2x5 Beige
    Modern Floral Rug 3x5 Gray

    Alfombras Modern Floral Non-Slip Area Rug

    from $29.85

    Antep Rugs Alfombras Modern Floral Non-Skid (Non-Slip) Low Profile Pile Rubber Backing Indoor Area Rug Perfect for Dining Room, Living Room, Bedroo...

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    from $29.85
  •  Moroccan Rug 3x5 Multi
     Moroccan Rug 3x5 Red

    Alfombras Moroccan Geometric Non-Slip Area Rug

    from $29.85

    Antep Rugs Alfombras Moroccan Geometric Non-Skid (Non-Slip) Low Profile Pile Rubber Backing Indoor Area Rug Perfect for Dining Room, Living Room, B...

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    from $29.85

One of the most common and effective ways to stop your rugs from sliding is using a rug pad. Some people do not consider rug pads necessary for non-slip rugs and see them as an “upsell” or an unnecessary add-on. In fact, rug pads are more commonly considered an essential purchase by savvy customers. Yet you don’t need rug pads if you have non-slip rugs! Due to their material and production quality, non-slip rugs don’t slip and don’t require additional rug pads.

Non-slip area rugs come in varying thickness and durability, making them convenient for use on carpets, hardwood, or marble floors. Additionally, non-slip rugs can be cut to fit any size making them a customizable solution for your moving rug. We recommend having your rug pad be about one inch shorter than your rug around each side.

There are many non-slip rug options available. These range from budget-friendly PVC to deluxe felt-and-rubber padded non-slip rugs. A little research will make sure you find the best one for you. Today’s non-slip rugs come in a variety of materials and are offered at various price points. Be sure that the non-slip rugs you decide to purchase is of high quality. While a cheaper, plastic rug might be appealing, budget rugs can cause damage to hardwood floors. These plastic rugs have been known to contain toxic chemicals or contain oils or adhesives that can negatively react with your floor finishes.

Benefits non-slip rugs

Non-slip rugs have many benefits, the most obvious being that they are very safe since they don’t slip. Non-slip rugs are essential in preventing unattractive, or even dangerous, bunching and curling. Here are a few additional non-slip rugs benefits to consider.

  • The additional layer beneath non-slip rugs adds an additional layer of protection for your floor. Rug backs can scratch or damage hardwood floors by staining them. The soft texture underneath a non-slip rug is gentler on floors than that of a rug back. Non-slip rugs protect your floors from scuffs and can help prevent dye transfer from the fabric.
  • Non-slip rugs offer more comfort and sound absorption than a regular rug alone can provide. The level of comfort and sound absorption will vary depending on the type of non-slip material used, but the benefits are unquestionable.
  • Keeping your rug from sliding not only protects your floors, it promotes longevity for the life of your rug. If you can spend a lot on your rug, going for a non-slip rug a must to make sure that you protect your investment. The extra support provided by the non-slip layer beneath the non-slip rugs helps reduce friction. This preserves the rug’s fibers and keeping it looking better for longer.
  • Non-slip rugs are easier to clean and vacuum with a rug pad beneath it. Your rug will stay in one place allowing you to clean the rug without “chasing” it around the room. As an added benefit, non-slip feature promotes better airflow making maintaining your rug a simpler experience.

What can I use to keep my area rug from sliding?

Another way to stop your rug from sliding is to use a rug gripper, also known as carpet tape. Rug grippers, as the name implies, grip your rug in place and prevent the rug from sliding. Installation for this double-sided, adhesive product is easy and allows you to direct the rug gripper where it is most needed. Simply identify the problem areas and apply the strips along the edges, on the corners, or wherever they are needed.

Rug grippers are available in many sizes and will fit rugs of any measurement. There are also different design options; some are sold as strips while others are shaped to fit in the rug’s corners. The grippers act like suction cups, helping non-slip area rugs non-slip. Rug grippers are available in several types of materials. Like the other solutions that keep your rug from sliding, they are most effective when applied to a clean, dry floor surface.

What to put under rug so it doesn’t flip?

Rug grippers are effective at stopping your rug from sliding and moving and in preventing the rug’s corners from curling. Let’s look at some additional benefits of using rug grippers to keep your rug from sliding.

Rug grippers are versatile and reusable. Product features vary across brands, but many rug grippers can be used on a variety of floors, including hardwood, tile, linoleum, and even other carpet. Additionally, most rug grippers are reusable and can be adjusted and moved as needed without leaving unsightly residue behind. Some rug grippers are even washable.

  • Though rug grippers do not promote better airflow like rug pads, they do make it easier to vacuum your rug. Like rug pads, rug grippers keep the rug in a stationary position, so vacuuming is a simple and quick task.
  • Rug grippers offer a cost-effective solution. They are often available in multi-piece sets allowing you to use the pieces on more than one rug, if necessary. Rug grippers are available at a modest price point and are usually sold for under $30. 

Rugs can protect your floors. They can protect you from slipping on a slick surface. But they should also be able to keep you from slipping when you step onto a rug.

AntepRugs generally recommends that you use a rug pad between the floor and the rug or go for non-slip rugs. Rug pads provide cushioning for a softer feel when you walk over the rug. The right rug pad can keep any rug from sliding across the floor.

But sometimes a rug purchaser just wants a simple rug with a slip-resistant backing. These rugs are generally low in pile; they are closer to the floor level than a higher pile rug sitting on top of a rug pad.

Non-skid backings are mainly made of latex. In recent years, consumers have grown averse to latex-backed rugs, which are applied with glue. Consequently, the variety and availability of this type of rug have diminished.  Generally, you can find non-slip rugs in kitchen and bath sections at local home stores, but there are a few manufacturers that still make these non-skid-backed rugs in area-rug size.

Non-slip rugs are useful for high traffic areas but look great anywhere in the house. Use this guide to find one for yourself.


Non slip rugs are designed to stay in one location in an untethered fashion. The non-slip utility allows your rugs to stay orderly without being tangled all the time. This is essentially useful when you have living quarters where people sit on the ground on rugs.

You can use non-slip rugs at any location where you want your rugs to remain tethered to their place. This way, you will prevent people from accidentally tripping or tangling the rug to itself. High traffic areas, bathroom exits, and the beginning of staircases are ideal examples for such locations.

You can place your non-slip rugs on any type of flooring or surface. They are designed to not slip regardless of the surface they are placed on.