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Area rugs are the perfect design elements to bring a room's décor together. They can instantly elevate your home décor, transforming the whole feeling. That is why selecting the proper size is extremely important. After all, no one wants to return a rug because of the wrong size. However, choosing the right area rug can be tricky. Various aspects should be taken into consideration before making a purchase. In this article, we are going to take a look into 4x6 area rugs. Also known as accent rugs, 4x6 area rugs are ideal for small to medium size spaces. They can even be utilized in large rooms. Keep reading to learn more about 4x6 area rugs and how amazing they can be.

Where Can You Place 4x6 Area Rugs?

  • Living Room: 4x6 area rugs can be used in small, apartment-size living rooms. They can cover an area big enough to showcase your design choices. You can also use them in larger rooms under coffee tables or in front of the couches. Using 4x6 rugs to define and accentuate smaller sections of rooms is always a great design idea. 

  • Kitchen: Depending on your kitchen size, a 4x6 area rug can be the perfect piece to tie your kitchen décor together. Placing a rug in front of the sink or both sides of a kitchen island can create a beautiful atmosphere in your kitchen which will also be quite comfortable. Placing a 4x6 under smaller tables can instantly increase your comfort levels.

  • Bedroom: 4x6 area rugs can be placed to define areas in your bedrooms. They may be too small to place under a king-size bed, but they can be useful in kids' bedrooms. Selecting colorful 4x6 area rugs with low piles can be the perfect addition to your child's bedroom. The colors will help with your child's imagination, while the low pile can withstand potential damage.

  • Entryway: If you have an entryway or a foyer big enough, placing a 4x6 area rug can be a great idea. They will give your guests a hint about your home design. 4x6 rugs can help you create an inviting and long-lasting impression.

  • Home Office: Working from home has been quite popular lately. If you have a dedicated room as a home office or use a corner of any room, 4x6 rugs are perfect for defining your workspace. You can easily fit a standard desk, table, or chair on a 4x6 area rug. 

How to Place 4x6 Area Rugs

Before purchasing any rug, it is essential to measure your room first. After all, styling with a perfectly sized area rug can save you time and money. Since you are on this article, you have probably decided on a 4x6 area rug. Correctly positioning an area rug can sometimes be challenging. Luckily, 4x6 area rugs are easy to utilize. Depending on the shape and size of your room, placing a 4x6 can make or break the décor. If your room is big enough, you can place your rug in front of the furniture. Doing so will help you define your space more. For smaller rooms, you can place your 4x6 area rug underneath the front two legs of the furniture. This will help you create a more seamless and wholesome look.

Patterns, Colors & Textures

Since the size isn't associated with color, your 4x6 rugs can have any color combinations you wish. Patterns and colors may differ depending on various styles. Whether you are going for a bohemian style, modern or traditional, you can surely find a 4x6 area rug that fits your design choices perfectly. If you have a more modern style, picking area rugs with neutral colors like gray, black, or white is a great idea. You can also pick Persian or floral rugs with earthy tones if you are going for a more traditional look. Keep in mind that your 4x6 area rugs should complement your overall color palette.

When it comes to area rugs, there are various materials to choose from, and each material has its own unique texture. It is crucial to pick low-pile area rugs in high-traffic areas since they can withstand wear and tear more. Synthetic materials like polypropylene are durable and water-resistant, all the while being aesthetically pleasing. On the other side of the spectrum, high-pile area rugs offer more warmth and comfort. Placing 4x6 high-pile area rugs in your bedrooms is a great idea. Your rug will first touch your feet in the morning, and the extra comfort high-pile rugs offer is fantastic.

Jute area rugs are another great option when it comes to rug textures. They are firm and durable, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces. They come in a beautiful earthy color and are %100 natural. So placing a 4x6 jute area rug can be the perfect finishing touch to your home décor.

Remember to Use Rug Pads

If your 4x6 area rug isn't non-slip, using a rug pad to keep your rug in place is a great idea. They are the best way to prevent your rugs from slipping, which can potentially be dangerous. They also provide additional cushioning, resulting in a more comfortable feel. 


As you can see, selecting the proper size area rug can be tricky. 4x6 Rugs are fantastic choices for all types of rooms. You can use them in both large and small spaces. Since area rugs are essential for home decoration, selecting the right size is extremely important. A right-sized rug can make your room look more relaxed and manageable. Measuring your rooms before purchasing a rug is always a great idea. Second to measuring should be defining your color palette. A well-placed 4x6 area rug with colors that tie your existing color palette can be the thing that elevates the beauty of your rooms. 

4x6 rugs can be used for medium to large-sized areas such as living rooms and confined spaces. Due to their size, however, they are best suited for defining a specific space such as a table, bed, or sofa.