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8x10 Area Rugs

8x10 Area Rugs

  • Bohemian Distressed Rug
    Bohemian Distressed Rug

    Bohemian Distressed Area Rug

    from $29.85

    Antep Rugs Siesta Collection Bohemian Distressed Indoor Area Rug Add a fashionable complement to a living room, dining room or bedroom with this ve...

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    from $29.85
  • Modern Abstract Rug
    Modern Abstract Rug

    Modern Abstract Area Rug

    from $35.85

    Antep Rugs Pastel Collection Abstract Contemporary Indoor Area Rug Add a fashionable complement to a living room, dining room or bedroom with this ...

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    from $35.85
  • Trellis Rug
    Trellis Rug
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    Geometric Trellis Area Rug

    from $29.85

    Antep Rugs Kashan King Collection Geometric Trellis Indoor Area Rug Add a fashionable complement to a living room, dining room or bedroom with this...

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    from $29.85
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8’ x 10’ rugs, which are roughly 244 to 305 centimeters (96 to 120 inches) long, are one of the most popular sizes for area rugs. They are perfect for filling small- to medium-sized living rooms and underneath most kitchen tables. They can even be placed fully under a queen-sized bed with room to spare for nightstands on either side.


Get some boho going

The beauty of boho decor is that you can mix and match elements from other design styles to create a boho look that truly suits your tastes. For example, you could place a Moroccan-style rug, like the vibrant orange and red one seen here, with mid-century modern pieces for an unexpected, statement-making twist. With a rug this eye-catching, keep the rest of the room’s color palette neutral to keep it from looking too busy.

For the color lovers, make your room pop with a colorful rug in shades of orange and yellow. The bright tones add energy to the boho bedroom and play nicely off the blonde wood tones and white linens. Textured pillows and throws not only add a coziness to the room, but they also amp up the boho feel.

Traditional, Modern, what else?

Persian rugs look perfectly in place if you own antique or wooden furniture, and you want a look that is classic and sophisticated. Contemporary styles are more adept at bringing together a more modern looking home. Contemporary looks are more likely to go out of style, but that is only compared to the longevity of the traditional style that has been predominant for centuries.

  • Transitional Rugs: This is where contemporary and traditional styles converge to create something new. Putting a more modern flair on traditional motifs, transitional area rugs are big and bold but most still have the sophisticated style of traditional rugs.
  • Tribal Rugs: Often incorporating bold reds and dark browns, the tribal style takes cues from North and South American tribes to create patterns that use angular motifs like hexagons and triangles, instead of the flowing circular shapes found in other styles.
  • Round Rugs: These can come in many different styles, but they are either circular or oval in shape to create a stand-out look.

Room Layouts

Living Room

When it comes to your living room, there are three main sizes to consider: 5’ x 8’, 8’ x 10’, and 9’ x 12’. The main difference between the three being where your furniture sits in relationship to the rug. See examples below. A few other things to keep in mind:

• If you have a fireplace, keep the rug at least 3 feet away
• If you have a large room and the furniture available, you may want to consider using multiple rugs to create individual seating areas.

Your furniture most probably sits half-on and half-off the rug. Depending on the size of your room, more, or less, of the furniture may have to sit on top of the rug.

Dining Room

When shopping for a rug for under your dining room table, you want to make sure that your chairs will still be on the rug once they’re pulled away from the table. Normally this means adding 24” to each side of your table and selecting the next rug size up.

An 8x10 area rug typically big enough for a table that seats 6 to 8.


When selecting rugs for your bedroom, there are two basic layouts you can use. You can place a collection of small rugs around the bed or one large rug under the bed. Consider the room layout and the type of bed you have carefully. How much free floorspace there is directly dictates the ideal rug size. In the case of 8x10 area rugs, the following might be helpful in the process.

  • A twin bed fits 8x10 rugs vertically and has extra space on all sides, especially on the bottom side. The rug can also be placed perpendicularly with below the head out of the rug space. That still leaves some space after the bottom of the bed and a whole lot of other space on the sides.
  • A queen bed is nicely encapsulated by 8x10 rugs with nearly no room beneath the feet which a moderate amount of coverage on the sides makes up for, including the bedstead though.
  • A king bed can also be fully contained by 8x10 rugs, but we suggest sliding down the rug a foot, so you have that extra step space after the bedstead.

How to care for your 8x10 rugs?

The size of these rugs makes it important that you take good care of it. The rule of thumb here is, if you let it be for too long, you ultimately end up doing a longer amount of cleaning. One would think a simple thing as vacuuming needs no explanation. When it comes to taking care of that prized fine area rug, knowing the correct way to vacuuming makes all the difference.

Does this mean it is safe to vacuum any rug? It all depends on the type of rug and the vacuum you are planning to use. However, it is always one of the best options for rug maintenance at home, since it helps keep the rug in good condition between professional cleanings.


8x10 rugs are roughly 244 to 305 centimeters long. In terms of inches, they are 96 to 120 inches.

8x10 rugs are considered among the largest rugs and can be placed in large-sized rooms such as our living rooms. They can be placed under dining tables, sitting areas, and similar spaces that demand a large rug to cover the area. 8X10 tables also go beautifully as a large piece of decoration.