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  • Bohemian Distressed Rug
    Bohemian Distressed Rug
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    Antep Rugs Siesta Collection Bohemian Distressed Indoor Area Rug Add a fashionable complement to a living room, dining room or bedroom with this ve...

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    from $29.85

A distressed rug can be subtle and neutral or a colorful centerpiece to the room, depending on the room’s color palette and furniture. Being neutral does not necessarily mean it blends in. With the right color choice, neutral solid rugs can make their own statement in a room. Finding the right shape of rug is also part of finishing a room. An oval rug in front of a comfortable chair makes it seem more inviting. Adding multiple rugs in various shapes and neutral colors opens a smaller space, while larger, patterned rugs can quietly separate spaces in a large, open-concept area. Area rugs also add warmth to your space, both in comfort and in ambience, especially on hardwood or tile floors. Even carpeted rooms benefit from an added area rug, especially when needing a pop of color or unexpected texture. Our natural jute boucle rugs add horizontal textural interest in the center of a room. Classically handwoven from sustainable jute, these rugs are versatile, reversible, and highly durable in high-traffic areas.

Choosing the best distressed rug for your home

The distressed style has been a mainstay in interior design over the past few years. It is characterized by keeping the “weathered” look of furniture pieces and accessories or making new objects appear “aged.” The goal is to evoke a sense of nostalgia, owing to the belief that particular objects look better as they age. But it can also be effective in bringing warmth to modern spaces and juxtaposing the old and new. 

A distressed rug is a signature element of this design movement. Nothing beats its vintage, elegantly faded look that holds up beautifully to everyday use. Not only does it direct the theme of the space but also brings everything together, regardless of what style you’re trying to pull off. 

However, decorating with distressed rugs comes with a few rules. Allow us to share some tips on how to choose the best piece for your home. 

Distressed area rugs make great statement pieces for any living space. But with a few decorating techniques, you can even unlock their true potential. Check out these tips to maximize your distressed decorative piece.

Don’t Match, Coordinate

The golden rule in interior design is not to “match” accessories and furnishings, but to coordinate them. What this means is that you don’t necessarily have to go full-on “distressed” if you want to achieve a rustic, weathered look. You simply need a few faded furniture pieces and a distressed rug. 

You might have doubts about whether a distressed rug can look good in a modern space, but the fact is that distressed rugs are some of the most versatile pieces you can add in any space. You can throw it over a craftsman living room to complement with the earthy tones, hardwood, and leathers. A faded, muted rug can be a contrasting feature to pastel-colored walls, one that can easily fade into the background but keeping the space “whole.” And it can even be used in a contemporary space to ground it and make it cozy. In other words, the possibilities are endless with distressed area rugs.

Embrace the Fade

Rugs are prone to natural fading. This process adds character and definition to rugs as it indicates quality that stands the test of time. The discoloration happening randomly throughout the rug can also result in a unique color palette. These variations in hues can add a whole new dimension to your piece.

You’ll definitely love the faded effect of distressed bohemian rugs. The vanishing hues of florals on these pieces are a thing of beauty. Achieve that effortlessly elegant look in your living rooms, hallways, and dining area by embracing the fade.

Go with Subtle, Pastel Hues

Bring harmony to any space with a distressed rug in a pastel hue. A subtle, faded palette can easily blend into the background, creating a more seamless flow between rooms and directing the eyes to other focal features like a sofa, dining table, or piano. In a rustic room with dark wood furnishings and leather upholstery, a pastel distressed area rug can help soften the drama of these natural features. 

Try Different Shapes and Sizes

Different sizes and shapes give off various effects to a room. The standard rectangle is a safe and basic choice for distressed area rugs. You may also try playing around with a circular distressed rug, especially if the space is already filled with squares and rectangles. The roundness of its edges will add a friendlier and warmer feel to your space and make it appear larger.

A distressed rug can also come in a runner rug form. These are thinner but longer than standard rugs. Place them in long hallways to bring life, narrow kitchen areas for comfort, and bathrooms for that sophisticated touch.

Match the Color of Rugs with Decorative Pieces

Having other decorative pieces match the color of your rug creates a more seamless look. You can match the color strokes of your rug with pillows, table ornaments, knick-knacks, and other accessories. Seeing the color of your carpet repeat in smaller elements brings the whole area together and is pleasing to the eye.

This technique not only brings balance to the space, but it even makes the color palette of the distressed rug more memorable as they spill over to other parts of the room. Plus, it works as a subtle contrast, especially if you repeat these colors on the walls, such as in artworks, shelves, and other hanging accessories. 

Adorn Your Home with A Distressed Rug

Distressed rugs have proven themselves to be versatile and functional pieces of art. See your living spaces in a new light when you place one. Browse through our inventory today and pair your room with an elegant cut of one of our distressed area rugs.



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