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Your home's entrance can be the perfect first impression for anyone visiting. So if you are after creating a welcoming home décor, placing an entryway rug is a great idea. A beautiful and useful entryway rug can set the tone for the rest of your décor while bringing each décor element together. While entryway rugs are amazing design pieces, it also needs extra care when picking the right one. Don't know where to start? That's ok; we will give you tips on choosing the perfect entryway rug for your home.

Why Do You Need an Entryway Rug?

Entryway rugs are the first design element that welcomes you and your guests when entering your home. Creating a grand entrance with a beautiful and stylish entryway rug is only natural. Entryway rugs will not only look amazing, but they will also keep your feet warm and cushioned. Most importantly, entryway rugs help protect your flooring and unwanted dirt, dust, and grime from the outside.

Entryway Rug Size Guide

Finding the right size can be a tedious task when picking entryway rugs. While choosing area rugs, it is essential to begin by measuring the area whilst keeping in mind how much flooring you'd like to leave open. Since there are no universal shapes or sizes for entryways, there are no one-size-fits-all standards for entryway rugs either. Your furniture and other design elements play an important role here as well. If your entryway rug is too small, it will get drowned in the area. So your entryway rugs should be the perfect size to anchor the space and create a welcoming atmosphere. 

Popular Styles and Materials for Entryway Rugs

As with all area rugs, there are some critical decisions to make when it comes to picking entryway rugs. Since the entrance is a high-traffic area, the rugs used should be resistant to dirt, abrasions, and moisture. The first and probably most important thing you must remember is that your entryway rugs should reflect your personal style. Since it's your home's first impression, it is essential to pick the perfect one. Picking patterned rugs is a classic and great idea since they hide dirt and grime well.

Let's talk about the functionality of entryway rugs. As we've mentioned earlier, they are there not only for good looks. They also protect your flooring and protect against dirt. So it is important to choose a suitable material that is durable and easy to clean for entryway rugs.

Natural plant fibers such as jute or sisal are popular choices for entryway rugs. They both are very durable, and since they are flat-woven, they are easy to clean. These materials will be perfect if you have a modern or coastal style in your overall home design.

Wool is another good option when it comes to natural fibers. Wool entryway rugs are stain and moisture-resistant. The beautiful texture of wool will increase the comfort levels of your home. Wool rugs are easy to clean; soapy water and a cloth are almost always enough.

Polypropylene area rugs are total life savers in this case. Polypropylene is a synthetic material that is durable, easy to clean, and, most importantly, available in various styles. So it is easy to find the perfect one that matches your personality.

Rug Pile

Now that we know more about the materials, it is also important to note that the area rug pile is also essential. Since entryways generally have cabinets and doors to other rooms, preventing them from getting caught on the rug is vital. High-pile rugs are comfortable, but they can be a mistake because of this. If your doors get caught, they will damage your rugs in time. Also, high-pile rugs tend to hold dirt and dust more; since they are not easy to clean, they can become a nightmare. That's why we recommend low-pile rugs for entryways. They will not get stuck under doors, and most importantly, they are easy to clean.


As you can see, entryway rugs provide both good looks and functionality to your homes. An entryway rug can set the tone of your space, and it will be a great introduction to the rest of your home décor. The style and the rug's colors are also essential because entryways are where guests' first impressions begin to form about your home. In terms of functionality, they protect against dirt, dust, and grime while adding comfort. Since they are used in high-traffic areas and tend to get dirty fairly quickly, picking an easy-to-clean, durable entryway rug is a great idea.