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Geometric Area Rugs

  • Geometric Indoor Area Rug 5x7 Beige
    Geometric Indoor Area Rug 5x7 Beige
    from $49.85

    Antep Rugs Palafito Geometric Shag Diamond High-Low Pile Textured Indoor Runner Rug Perfect for Dining Room, Living Room, Bedroom. Spot clean with ...

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    from $49.85
  • Geometric Shag Area Rugs
    Geometric Shag Area Rugs
    from $49.85

    Antep Rugs Palafito Geometric Shag Diamond High-Low Pile Textured Indoor Area Rug Perfect for Dining Room, Living Room, Bedroom. Spot clean with mi...

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    from $49.85
  • Geometric Shag Indoor Area Rugs
    Geometric Shag Indoor Area Rugs
    from $49.85

    Antep Rugs Palafito Geometric Shag Chevron High-Low Pile Textured Indoor Area Rug Perfect for Dining Room, Living Room, Bedroom. Spot clean with mi...

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    from $49.85

Geometric area rugs continue to increase in popularity for their unique and bold designs. Their modern and contemporary style makes them look upscale and can dress up any room, whether you're furnishing your home office or a living room. Various interior design themes work well with geometric design rugs, which is why they continue to be a popular choice. Many people who design their homes with modern styles select geometric pattern rugs because of the bold lines and repetitive nature. Chevron print is a popular option that is stylish and trendy.

Furthermore, they have many geometric weights, which allows them to anchor other furniture items and decor pieces in the setting. These area rugs with diamond shapes are elegant and can add extra detail to the room. The clean and straightforward lines prevent the pattern from looking outdated in the coming years, even if you change the room's style.

Mid-century modern design themes are also known for incorporating geometric area rugs because of the contemporary appeal, which includes many bold patterns and possible retro colors.

Pattern Rugs

Area rugs are an ideal way to visually optimize space in both large and small rooms as well as add another layer of comfort, color, and texture to the overall design. The patterned rugs compliment any floor plan. In large rooms that already have three or more patterns and colors, solid rugs make an impact with their size, shape and patterns that are integrated through the weave, rather than with additional colors. In rooms where only a few main colors are established in the room’s color scheme, a brightly patterned rug that includes those colors and introduces a new one provides the most dramatic bang for your space while remaining true to the room’s color palette.

Area rugs can virtually divide spaces without closing them off. As much as open concept living and soaring cathedral ceilings add a feeling of space to a room, an area rug or runner can provide the anchor these rooms need to make them seem homey and less vast. In contrast, smaller spaces seem bigger by utilizing the flat surfaces of floors and walls to integrate natural fibers, patterns, and textures. A patterned area rug underneath a small side table or bistro set can add substance to furniture that would otherwise seem inconsequential. Tables with glass tops almost seem to disappear into the background. However, centering them on a patterned area rug can accentuate both the table itself and the nuances of the rug’s pattern, which spotlights both.

A geometric rug is bright, bold, and lively. It is an exciting way to add eccentric hues, patterns, and textures to your home. When designing a space, furniture, wall treatments, and lighting are always taken into account. Unfortunately, rugs and carpet are often overlooked. However, rugs are much more than a simple design element. They also have an enormous impact on the overall aesthetic and function of your space. 

Amidst the current trend of sleek modernist homes, a geometric rug offers warmth and style. If you prefer a sparse, minimalist style, you may want to consider a rug with more vibrant colors. Or a perhaps a prominently patterned rug for added high end design. In the case that your furniture is already heavily patterned and bold, you may want to choose a geometric rug with a more subtle color palette.

First, to choose the perfect geometric rug, consider how you interact with your space. Do you wear shoes or slippers indoors? Or do you prefer to experience your flooring in bare feet? Imagine the different sensations, both visual and physical. Perhaps a geometric wool rug would feel best between your toes. Or maybe you would prefer a cleaner experience with a kilim-type rug. 

Either way, with the advent of the “work from home” phenomenon, we are spending more time at home than ever before. Rugs can actually help enhance the quality of your space. What’s more, a geometric rug also doubles as a work of art. Their patterns are interesting and engaging and will elevate the interior design of a room.


Use the texture of geometric rugs to help you achieve the feeling tone you desire for the room: Choose geometric rugs in soft tonal colors when you desire a calmer mood and geometric rugs with high contrast colors when you wish to add energy and movement to a room.


Oval rugs are rugs that resemble round rugs but instead of a fully circular shape, they have gentle curves. This makes them ideal rugs to be placed under tables, in doorways, and in corners.

Geometric rugs go well with transitional and modern decoration styles. You can add cubist and abstract artworks to your living quarters to go along with the geometric patterns on your rugs.

Moroccan rugs, Persian rugs, oriental rugs, and natural fiber hand-knotted rugs go beautifully well with geometric rugs. This is because many of these rug styles have their own unique patterns that resemble geometric forms and their combination certainly makes up for an elegant decoration style.