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Alfombras Modern Bordered Non-Slip Area Rug

Color: Blue

Package Dimensions: 21 LB, Length: 95 inch x W:6 inch x H:6 inch

Perfect for Dining Room, Living Room, Bedroom. Lightweight and low profile. No Additional Rug Pad Needed. Spot clean with mild soap. Vacuum Regularly.

Thanks to their framed look, bordered rugs serve as a binder that enables you to match different colors and patterns in a place. You can use your bordered rug to balance the atmosphere of your room. For example, if you think the walls of your room need a partner to give some liveliness and an energetic mood to the place, you can use a bordered rug with contrasting and vibrant colors. Or, you can create a smooth transition between your multi-colored furniture by using a bordered rug with matching colors. In any case, bordered rugs will help you to create harmony in your place.

Bordered rugs can fit your traditional or modern style while still protecting their simplicity and elegance. A modern bordered rug will perfectly complement your contemporary interior design. On the other hand, one with oriental patterns reinforces the look of a traditionally designed place. Besides, bordered rugs do not only polish your unique style but also help you to create a balanced look in your home. You can even blend different styles with a single bordered rug while protecting the integrity of the decoration.  

Moreover, your bordered rug will be a perfect highlighter of a particular area in a room. A bordered rug is like a picture frame that helps you bring a specific place into focus. Consider a lovely painting on the wall, and you want to create a sitting area there. In that case, you can use a bordered rug that has matching colors with the painting to highlight it. Besides, if you wish to create distinct areas in a single room, a bordered rug with matching colors will help you to make smooth transitions between separations. For instance, you can place your bordered rug under your dining table or desk to visually define this specific area in the room.