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Modern / Contemporary Area Rugs

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When we think of the word “contemporary,” in the context of art and design, we need to consider the pioneers of said time in cultural and artistic endeavors. In that sense, we are more or less shaped by western culture, so are contemporary rugs. Characterized by color contrasts, geometrical shapes, and abstract elements, contemporary rugs are a good fit for all modern furniture.

A modern or contemporary rug is a piece of art all on its own. Instead of following the style traditions established hundreds of years ago, a contemporary rug definition is a looser fit. This rug style can be as unique as the individual who purchases it. A contemporary rug vs. a traditional rug is easy to identify. While one features a more sophisticated feel, the modern rug can be fun, playful, formal or romantic, or anything you want it to be. No matter the color, design or style, the modern rug is a unique accessory on its own.

Modern rugs are like pieces of modern art-they often contain bold colors, patterns, or even graphics, that can be completely out of the ordinary. By and large, they take on an architectural and modern approach, and can appear free-form in style. They can still feature retro shapes and patterns, but nevertheless, the look and feel of a modern rug is worlds apart when compared to the traditional style. Contemporary rugs are the perfect complement to a modern space. Geometric rug styles are probably the longest standing type of modern rug design and are still popular today. However, over the past few years, mainly thanks to improvements in rug design technology, there has been great growth in the production of abstract designs. The most successful of abstract designs will contain countless colours, blended together to create a smooth flowing spectrum. This makes them easy to place in modern spaces, and their colours can be used as inspiration for a whole colour scheme.

Characteristics: typically bold color and design, sharp contrasts, free-form style elements.


Just because these rugs carry elements that reflect the current era, it does not mean that they all boast contemporary figures. They may include some retro aspects if that is hip in that given time. To draw a parallel: The ’90s are trendy in the 2020s, so it is bound to be reflected in modern design.

Modern rugs are rich in variety; they can be used as either the face or the background of the room. This quality may be attributed to the rug’s informal and current nature. What makes it contemporary is that it draws its inspirations from the current trends in art and design, representing the time it’s made. Not to confuse it with Modern rugs, which technically refers to the so-called “modern era” (1920-1950). Nonetheless, it is almost interchangeably used nowadays, so rest your mind at ease. We will be using it the same way too. 

Modern rugs, although following a shared artistic direction at times, vary greatly from one another. Some might be camouflaged into your background with their subtle rebellion, some may complete a missing piece with its patterns and colors, some will stand out in the room and be the crown jewel of the room’s energy. Whether you want color rugs for living room spaces that need some spice, or organic modern rugs to fit your seating areas with a natural palette, contemporary area rugs will have something that serves your needs. There is no need for fitting the rug to your room either, per se. You can get a unique rug with such a good color scheme that you can build your room backwards: start with modern rugs and decor will follow.

Keep up with the Present with Modern Area Rugs

Rugs are undeniably one of the most important components of a warm home; you cannot feel warm if your feet don’t, right? You may have the perfect living area: your favourite ottoman, a comfy big sofa, or perfectly sunlit plants in the corner. The final component to tie it all together would be, you guessed it, a fitting area rug. Maybe even better if you lead your guest to that living room on a runner in the corridor?

If you’re in need of something for your living area or a large area, a large modern rug can showcase your taste in arts. Patterned designs, when chosen well, add sophistication to the aura, or maybe you are looking for something more, frisky? Abstract modern rugs offer bold colors to add a feeling of vibrance to your room.

We should also consider how much we want the rug to blend in or stand out. Geometric modern rugs are really common, and they can go both ways in that regard. A contemporary abstract area rug with light motif and nude colors might be the warm base for your room. A subtle geometric pattern with a natural color can add a lively background to the room and help you achieve a cosy vibe. A darker palette with more emphasized geometric shapes can draw more attention and be more like a component than background in the room.

Maybe we have an outdoor hang area, with a table and some chairs? A modern rug to blend right into the background and keep your feet comfy while still surrounded by the fresh air and the blue sky. We have durable outdoor options for our modern rugs that you might want to check out.

Size, color, materials, durability — there’s a lot to think about when it comes to choosing the perfect rug for your space. Luckily for you, we’ve created this all-in-one guide to help ensure you start your contemporary rug shopping on the right foot. Take your time and browse through our selection of fine rugs and complete your perfect room.


Modern rugs or modern carpets are mostly machine-made weaving products that combine natural wool, cotton, and/or silk. Modern rugs also usually feature contemporary design patterns.

Sizes are starting from 1x3 all the way up to 9x12 when it comes to modern rugs. Some of the popular sizes are 2x7, 3x5, and 5x7.

Modern rugs can go well with many different types of decoration styles. However, if you are looking for a harmonic blend, then it is best to combine your modern rugs with contemporary or transitional decoration styles.