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High Pile Area Rugs

High-Pile vs. Low-Pile Rugs

We all love the idea of beautifying our home décor with colorful and stylish area rugs, as they are among the easiest ways to renew the atmosphere of our living space. However, deciding on the ideal area rug that will perfectly complement your home design may not be as easy as it seems. This is because there are various elements you should consider to be able to find the best area rug for your home. 

One variable that affects the area rug pick is the “pile,” referring to how long or short the loops of fabric are in your carpet. Accordingly, if the fibers are tall and loose, the carpet is called high-pile; if the fibers are short and tighter, it is called low-pile. Both types are preferable for different reasons, and you may not be sure which type is the suitable one according to your home décor as well as your preferences. Today, we will talk about the specialties of high-pile and low-pile area rugs so that you can find out which one you should opt for. So, keep reading to learn the qualifications of these two area rug pile types. 

High Pile Rugs

High-Pile Rugs 

Basically, high-pile rugs are rugs that are taller than ¼”. These rugs are perfect choices for those who want to create a cozy atmosphere in their living spaces. They help you add texture as well as a luxurious and warm feeling to a room. These rugs are especially incredible in low-traffic areas, as cleaning and maintaining high-pile rugs require effort and time. You can use your high-pile rugs for years as long as you place them in areas that do not see high foot traffic. For instance, bedrooms and guest rooms are perfect choices for using your high-pile rugs efficiently. 

If you adore fluffy carpets that offer a luxurious and cozy look, high-pile rugs are just for you! However, if you are a pet owner, we recommend not to prefer high-pile rugs as they offer an excellent playground for dogs and cats, and in that case, keeping your high-pile rugs clean would be a lot more challenging and maintained. Besides, high-pile rugs may not be the healthiest option for children because they can cause allergies. Accordingly, ensure that your little ones are not allergic to the material of your high-pile rugs. 

High Pile Area Rugs

Low-Pile Rugs

Low-pile rugs are rugs that are up to ¼”. These rugs are especially great for high-traffic areas, like kitchens, dining rooms, and hallways; however, the areas of use for low-pile rugs are not limited to these rooms. Hence, you can use them in places like bedrooms and living rooms. As they are easy to vacuum and clean, they carry a low risk of allergies, making them great picks for children and people with allergies. Since these rugs have tighter fibers and are lower to the ground, they carry less risk of causing tripping over compared to high-pile rugs. 

Generally speaking, functionality is at the forefront while using low-pile rugs, but this does not mean you cannot beautify the place with low-pile rugs. You can add joy and elegance to your home with low-pile carpets with colorful patterns and distinctive styles. All you have to do is to find a low-pile rug that will reflect your unique style. 

Which One to Choose

Since you have now learned the basic features of high-pile and low-pile rugs, it is easier to know how to choose the best rug pile for your home. You can make your choice according to the following considerations: 

 Prefer high-pile rugs if …

  • You are ready to commit to a regular cleaning and maintenance routine.
  • You are going to use your rug in low-traffic areas.
  • You are after a cozy and warm atmosphere in your room. 
  • You are not a pet owner.
  • There is no one with allergies in the house. 

Prefer low-pile rugs if …

  • You are looking for a rug that can easily be cleaned with vacuuming. 
  • You do not want to deal with an attentive maintenance routine. 
  • You want the freedom to use your rug in high-traffic areas. 
  • Functionality is the first thing you give importance to. 
  • You live with furry friends. 
  • There are allergy sufferers in the house. 


As Antep Rugs, we offer endless carpet options, including high-pile and low-pile rugs. You can easily find the best one with a little bit of search in our area rug catalog. If you think you still need to learn more about area rug types to be able to depict the ideal rugs for your home, you can also check the following blog posts of ours:

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