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How to Use Runner Rugs in the Best Way?

How to Use Runner Rugs in the Best Way?

Apart from their practical use of protecting the floors, runner area rugs can add style and comfort to your home's narrow spaces. Runner rugs are designed in a long rectangular shape. Their width is much shorter than their length. The width is generally about 2 - 3 feet, while the length is 6 – 14 feet. Their long and narrow nature makes them ideal for hallways, but the hallway isn't the only space that can benefit from runner rugs. So if you are in the market and wondering where to put runner rugs, keep reading our blog post. 

Why Do You Need Runner Rugs?

Like all the other types of rugs, runner rugs are great additions to your homes. Runner area rugs are excellent for adding depth, warmth, style, and comfort to the spaces they are placed in. Whether you place them in your foyers, hallways, closets, or any other narrow space in your home, runner rugs will deliver all your needs. Runner rugs come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and patterns. Runner rugs are suitable for protecting your high-traffic areas. Whether to conceal the existing wear and tear or to prevent them, placing runner rugs in these areas is a great idea. The sounds of footsteps on hardwood floors can be annoying. With the help of a runner area rug, they can be reduced. A well-placed rug not only insulates sound but is also great for heat insulation. Runner rugs make any type of flooring more comfortable to walk on. Finding the right one for your design might be tricky since there exist many options. Before purchasing one, make sure to measure your space and select the style that goes well with the rest of your décor. The next step is to pick the color and pattern of your new runner. Depending on the area you place them, materials used and pile height are the last two important steps when choosing the right runner rugs. We will help you make an informed decision by informing you about where you can place your runner rugs.

Where to Place Runner Rugs

The vibrant colors and beautiful patterns of runner rugs will definitely add style and comfort wherever they are placed. Runner area rugs are incredible for managing and connecting the space they are placed. Best runner rugs are the ones that are placed correctly, and here, we will check where you can use them.

Hallways and Entryways

The entryway is the first place your guests see when they visit your home. Generally, hallways come after the entryways. They are the perfect areas to make the first impression of your home! These areas both have to be functional and good-looking. Runner rugs can add color and pattern to these narrow spaces, thus elevating the style of your home. Hallways and entryways are usually ignored when it comes to placing rugs. Their small spaces don't allow much for the design, so using a runner rug in these areas can just be the thing you need. Apart from their good looks, they can collect dirt, mud prints, and rainwater from outside. Using a runner rug in your hallway is a great way to manage your spaces and deal with the high traffic. Runner rugs are incredible for elongating your hallways. They separate your hallway from your other private spaces. Since they are both high-traffic areas, picking the right material is extremely important. Just make sure you choose a rug that is easy to clean for these areas. Synthetic materials such as polypropylene are easy to clean and are mostly picked for these areas.

Oriental Runner Rugs


The kitchen is one of the essential parts of our homes. It is where we prepare food for ourselves and our loved ones. Since we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, especially standing, it is imperative that we are comfortable. Kitchens can be high-traffic areas, especially if children are in the house. Kitchen runner rugs play an important role, whether by practicality or looks. Using a runner rug can soften the hard lines usually found in kitchens. Their colors and patterns will surely liven up your kitchen. Since kitchen floors are prone to spills and damage, runner area rugs can be used to cover these areas and protect them from further damage. Make sure you pick a water- and stain-resistant runner rug for your kitchen. You can change the overall feeling of your kitchen just by changing your runner rug. Since a complete makeover of a kitchen is expensive, changing the cost-friendly runner rug is a great way to freshen up your space. If you have an island in your kitchen, placing runner rugs on both sides of your kitchen island can increase the comfort and the looks of your kitchen drastically. Synthetic runner rugs are great for absorbing external stress. They can withstand extreme sunlight and water spills. Most importantly, they are easy to clean. 

Gray Modern Kitchen Runner Rug


Bedrooms are one of the, if not most, essential areas of our homes. It is where we rest and get ready for the days to come. It is impossible to think of a bedroom that is not cozy or comfortable. Imagine waking up and putting your feet on the cold ground first thing in the morning. Using bedroom runner rugs on the sides of our bed will indeed prevent that awful feeling. They will surely bring much-needed comfort to your bedrooms. Not only that, runner rugs placed in your bedroom will surely add style and beauty to this private space of yours. Instead of using one giant rug, which mostly ends up under the bed, separate runner area rugs are a great idea.

As you can see, using runners in the bedroom is the best possible solution because of their long and narrow design. Using a thick runner rug in your bedroom will undoubtedly be much more comfortable, cozy, and stylish. You can try a classical look with oriental runner rugs or boho runner rugs for a more contemporary feel. 


When you step out of the bath or shower onto the plush comfort of a runner rug, you will definitely feel the comfort it brings to your bathroom. Bathrooms are often neglected in terms of design because of their small area. With their limited space, just enough for the appliances, and their need for constant cleaning requirements, bathrooms are hard to decorate. Bathroom runner rugs add beauty and elegance to this narrow space. You can achieve a uniform look in your room by pairing your rugs and bath towels in matching colors. You can place a runner rug in front of the wide area of your sink to connect the room. They will also protect your bathroom floors. Picking water- and moisture-resistant rugs is essential. Feel free to check our guide about buying the right bathroom rugs.

Bathroom Runner Rugs


Runner rugs are a must-have if you have hardwood stairs in your home! While the hardwood staircases look classy and elegant, they can be dangerous. Their slippery nature is a safety concern that can be solved by placing a runner rug. Staircase runner rugs will elevate your stairs' design while providing much-needed protection from slips. They will also reduce noise, preserve stairs and make a bold statement! Runner rugs designed for staircases have much larger length than their width. When using runner rugs on stairs, remember to properly secure the rug on the stairs so that it won't slip off your stairs. When designing your stairways with runner rugs, remember that you do not have to be edge to edge. Leaving some space on both sides of the threads will surely create a beautiful contrast and add to the style of your home. Lesser pile runner rugs are preferred because they are less likely to wear off. Remember to use rug pads when using runner rugs on stairways.


As you can see, every home can benefit from runner rugs. Runners can be the perfect answer if you want to make your hallway look wider or add extra protection to your staircase. Or you may be looking for a piece to elevate your washing room. Nothing else can bring beauty, comfort, and coziness to a bedroom beside a runner rug. Before purchasing runner rugs, make sure to pick the right style and size. Now that you know different areas require various types of runner rugs, we hope the decision is easier for you. Feel free to check our other blog posts such as; “How to Choose the Right Bedroom Area Rugs”, “Best Entryway Rugs”, “Choosing the Best Rug Colors for Your Home”

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