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How to Choose the Right Bedroom Area Rugs

How to Choose the Right Bedroom Area Rugs

Bedrooms are one of the most critical areas of our homes. It's where we rest and gather strength for the days to come. Without a doubt, we all would like our bedrooms to be cozy, comfortable, and stylish. Leaving your comfy bed and stepping on a cold floor isn't ideal for starting the day. A bedroom rug can provide the feeling of softness and coziness while being stylish. They are also great for insulation and add texture, color, and patterns to your bedroom! 

As you can see, choosing the right rug for your bedroom is essential yet a tedious process. To help you with this matter, we have listed the essentials of selecting the right rug. Keep reading our blog post to learn about picking the suitable bedroom area rugs that suit your needs.

Bedroom Rugs

Selecting the Right Size

With all the variables available in bedroom shapes, sizes, and furniture layouts, choosing and placing the right size of the rug can be challenging. Your bed should always be the main focus of your bedroom. Any rug under your bed should extend 18-24 inches beyond the edges. The rug can accent your bed while creating a soft area to step on as you climb into or out of bed. 

Before selecting the size, let's check out the three main ways to place the bedroom rugs.

  • Full bed on the rug: If your space and budget let you do it, placing your bed and all the accompanying furniture on the rug is the most elegant option. Just remember to keep all four legs of your furniture (nightstands, benches, etc.) on the rug. It'll make for a precarious situation when you place a glass of water on a wobbly nightstand.
  • Partial bed on the rug: Placing the rug 2/3 of the rug under the bed is a great way to get away with using a smaller size rug. This is one of the most efficient ways to choose when it comes to bedroom rug ideas. A smaller rug is less expensive and does not overwhelm a small place. In this layout, it is important to place your nightstands entirely on the floor behind the rug, so all four legs are on the same level.  
  • Runners on the side of the bed: Alternatively, you can use runners alongside your bed. This is a less common but still a great option if you don't have space for a full-sized area rug. Just make sure the runners are slightly wider than your nightstands and do not extend past your bed.

Now that we know about area rug styles for bedrooms let's talk about picking the right size. As mentioned earlier, the rug size should extend 18-24 inches around your bed. If you have a full-size bed (53" x 75"), the rug size should be 6' X 9'. For queen size beds (60" x 80") the rug size should be 8' x 10'. For king-size beds (76" x 80"), the rug size should be 9' x 12'. These are for standard-sized beds. Of course, these are guidelines and should not be practiced point by point. The rug you choose is up to your choice! 

Bedroom Boho Rugs

Selecting the Right Style

Bedrooms are our sanctuaries. It's where we retreat for some rest against the stresses of our days. That is why the best bedroom rugs should be comfortable and show their owner's styles. Plush rugs can be a great choice since bedrooms are not high-traffic areas. Fluffy bedroom rugs will surely bring much comfort. Creating a contrast between your rug and the rest of your décor is always a good idea. If you are using patterned bedding, it's good to choose a solid rug to make it pop. Or, if you have solid-colored bedding, then going for a patterned rug can add some visual interest. You can also try to mix and match the patterns of your bedding with your rug to make your bedroom the perfect place for rest.

Selecting the Right Material

Apart from color, pattern, or texture, bedroom rugs have many options for the material. Generally speaking, a thin rug is easier to clean, while a thicker one is much more comfortable. Wool or polypropylene rugs are much more durable than their alternatives and easy to maintain. Soft bedroom rugs such as silk look very lovely, and they add a layer of elegance to your room. But they are much harder to maintain, especially if there is a pet at home. Nylon or cotton rugs are very affordable, and they have much longer lifespans. They can be cleaned in the washing machine as well. 

Maintaining Your Bedroom Area Rugs

Using double-sided carpet tape is an excellent way to keep the edges of your rugs from bunching up and potentially causing a tripping hazard. Your bedroom rugs will have indentations caused by the weight of your bed. Turning your area rug from time to time and applying an ice cube treatment to the indented areas are important ways to maintain your bedroom rugs. Simply putting and melting an ice cube to the indented area and then fluffing up the fibers with your hands does wonders for your rugs. Just make sure that your thoroughly dry the spots you've iced. You should also consider using rug pads. If your rug is placed under the bed, a rug pad will provide an extra cushion. Rug pads protect your rugs from slipping, and they also are an excellent way to keep the edges of your carpets in place. If you find using a rug pad tedious, you may purchase non-slip area rugs, instead. This way, you will both protect your flooring from scratching and your rug from slipping. Non-slip rugs are easier solutions when compared to rug pads. 

This is the end of our blog post about "How to Choose the Right Bedroom Area Rugs". Now that you have all the information you need about bedroom area rugs, why don't you check our other blog posts such as: How to Choose Dining Room Rugs, Choosing the Right Living Room Rugs for Your Home, and How to Choose the Best Materials for Rugs

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