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Choosing the Right Living Room Rugs for Your Home

Choosing the Right Living Room Rugs for Your Home

Living rooms are doubtless in one of the most used areas of your home. You would like to create cozy, comfortable, stylish decorations in this area where you often host guests and spend most of your time. You can exhibit the beauty of your hardwood floors with an area rug or, you can create different style areas in your living room with a few area rugs. 

The living room without a rug is not considered complete; the room looks empty and lifeless. Moreover, the wrong choice of rug can prevent you from creating the environment you dream of, make you unhappy, and cause you to waste money. E.g., large living room rugs that are not suitable for an area can make the furniture look small and disproportionate. Therefore, the choice of living room area rugs is critical.

You may add personality and spirit to your environment with the living room rug you choose. Living room area rugs are the perfect decorative accessory that changes the atmosphere. Living room area rugs are more valuable and versatile compared to wall-to-wall rugs. You can be easily replace living room area rugs at any time; you can also use them for a different room. Also, they are easy to clean. You may complete your decoration with a choice of rugs in sizes and colors suitable for your taste and provide a stylish look to your home.

There are many area rug styles, colors, materials, and sizes, so how do we know which living room rugs suit our home? That's why we prepared this blog to help you learn and figure out which rug styles cater to your tastes and the overall decoration of your living rooms.

Living Room Rug

Choose Your Rug Style

Personal style is one of the most critical issues. In our opinion, unique style is of great importance in decorating the living room. When choosing your living room rug, please make sure it suits your lifestyle and personal style. When selecting a rug, trust your instinct, not trends. If you're not sure it's the right one for you, don't buy a rug just because it's trendy! You may have liked those rugs that day, but will you be able to enjoy them every day?

If you are looking for new, modern, and contemporary designs, modern area rugsgeometric area rugs, and abstract area rugs are the best options for you. These rugs will be the star of your current home with their original and bold designs. If you opt for an old and vintage look, boho area rugs will be a perfect choice. And if you are looking for hand-woven rugs, you can choose oriental area rugs that will give you an oriental breeze in the living room. 

Jute area rugs, which provide a soft feeling with their natural and organic structure, are an excellent option for people fond of comfort.

Oriental Living Room Rug

Area Rug Size for Living Room

One of the most critical things about living room rugs is choosing the right rug size. If the area rug you choose is larger or smaller than it should be, the decoration of your living room may look disproportionate and worse. Generally, different sizes of rectangular living room rugs are used for decoration. Still, please consider the size of your living room and the size of the space your furniture takes up before determining your rug size. 

Large living room rugs are more suitable for living rooms, and standard rug sizes for living rooms are as follows:

There should be about 4 to 8 inches of bare floor surrounding each side of living room rugs. Also, the front legs or all legs should fit on the area rug. Especially in large living room rugs, if you do not place the legs of the sofas and tables on the rug, the room may appear incomplete or unbalanced to the eye.

Black and White Living Room Rug

Color and Pattern

Colors and patterns set the mood of your living room and affect your home's energy. There are some things to consider when choosing living room rugs colors, which have a great sign on the overall appearance of the space; 

  • To choose the right color for living room area rugs, you first need to review the room's color scheme. Consider the furniture, decorative items, hardwood color, and wall color in your room and decide on the rug colors that can harmonize with them. The furniture and curtains of the room and the rug's color must be in harmony. Different colors will spoil the overall look in the decoration of the room. Do not forget that color harmony does not mean that all decorative products are the same color; you can achieve peace by choosing opposite colors but soft tones.
  • If you want to create an intimate living room, you can choose dark modern area rugs. If you have a considerably smaller living room, you can make the space look larger by choosing light-colored rugs. You can choose spicy tones such as yellow, orange, or red to add warmth to your living room. If your room gets a lot of sunlight, you can create calmness with cold-colored rugs.
  • If you have neutral furniture and walls, get a bright boho area rug in the middle of your living room, and you can add vitality to your room! Also, oriental area rugs with bold designs and striking color palettes in your living room are a star for neutral living rooms.
  • Geometric area rugs also go well in modern decorated living rooms. You can add cubist and abstract artworks to your living room to match the geometric patterns on your rugs.
  • Bordered rugs add softness to your living room and create a warm living space, adding a simple and elegant atmosphere to modern decorated living rooms. A border is like a picture frame, a great option to highlight a specific area in the room.

Large Living Room Rug

Material and Texture

The material and texture chosen for the living room rugs are of great importance in the atmosphere you want to create. Often, what determines the style of a rug is the material. Here are the most used materials in rugs;

Natural fibers: wool, cotton, silk, and jute are natural fibers, and rugs produced with these materials are generally durable and long-lasting.

  • Jute area rugs: 100% hand-woven jute area rugs are made from durable plant fibers, and they are very soft and durable.
  • Wool: A natural fiber, wool area rugs are the friend of your feet with their soft structure. Wool rugs, a natural product, are usually expensive and hard to clean.

Synthetic fibers: Rugs produced with acrylic, polyester, and polypropylene are generally affordable, easy to clean, and are usually stain-resistant.

Artificial silk: Rugs produced with viscose and bamboo silk materials are very affordable. If you are looking for a soft and durable living room rug, you can choose synthetic silk rugs.

Furry Living Room Rugs

Care and Cleaning

Although they look great in decoration, fluffy living room rugs and furry living room rugs are very difficult to clean. Most of the time, your vacuum cleaners may have difficulty picking up the dust particles that get between the rugs. We recommend that you choose rug types that are stain-proof and easily cleaned. 

Most natural fiber rugs (e.g., cotton, jute rugs) are delicate, and you can damage them during cleaning, so we recommend that you seek professional help for the care and cleaning of your rugs.

This is the end of our blog post for "Choosing The Right Rug for Your Living Room". If you are interested in learning more about area rugs, make sure to check out our other blog posts, such as "Choosing The Best Rug Color for Your Home" and "Choosing The Right Area Rugs: A Guide”.

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