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Round Rugs Elevating Your Home Decor

Round Rugs Elevating Your Home Decor

Area rugs are essential décor pieces of any living space for various reasons. First of all, they help you make your home more "homely" because they add a cozy atmosphere to your place. Secondly, area rugs are great tools to define or separate a place regarding its functionality. Thirdly, they let you bring different décor elements and styles together by working as a bridge between them. Hence, rugs are essential in complementing your home decoration. 

Rugs come in various sizes, patterns, styles, materials, and even shapes. Although we all are used to seeing more traditional shapes like square and rectangular, today, people have started to show interest in some other rug shapes, such as round and oval. Round and oval rugs have become more popular amongst those who want to try non-standard rug shapes without damaging the visual integrity. Generally, it is recommended to maintain visual symmetry in the room by choosing a rug shape parallel to the room's shape. However, it is possible to protect the harmony in the room with rugs that do not have the room's shape. To do so, you should know where and how to use them. Keep reading to learn the best ways to use round rugs for your home decoration. 

Geometric White Round Area Rugs

Where to Use Round Rugs 

You may use your round rugs in various places as long as you consider some essentials to pick the suitable one for a specific room. Below, you will find some round rug ideas about where to use them efficiently. 

Round Rugs for Creating Personal Space

Consider you have a large living room that you want to utilize every area of it. In that case, round rugs can help you create personal spaces. For instance, you can place a round rug in front of a window and create a peaceful area with a few cushions. There you can enjoy a cup of coffee while reading your book. Like corners and sides, centers can also be suitable for round rugs in a living room. You may use a large round rug around the furniture to connect them. Round rugs will also help you create a cozy and peaceful atmosphere. 

Abstract Round Area Rugs

Round Rugs for Kitchens and Dining Rooms 

As one of the most high-traffic areas in a house, sometimes it might be challenging to preserve a calm mood in a kitchen. If your kitchen is big enough, you may use a round rug in your kitchen to soften the overall look. You should prefer a durable, easy-to-clean, and non-slip round rug in your kitchen as it will be exposed to wear and tear and spills. 

Do you have a round table in your dining room? In that case, you should pick a round carpet for your dining table to maintain visual integrity. This way, you will also have a calming atmosphere in your dining room. Remember that your rug should be larger than the area where your table and chairs take up space. Besides, note that it is always better to use low-pile, durable, and easy-to-maintain rugs in your dining room. 

Round Rugs for Bedrooms 

You can prefer round rugs for your or children's bedrooms to create a more contemporary vibe in the place. For instance, if your bedroom is large enough, a large round rug under your bed will add a persona to your room. Or, you can utilize a smaller round rug under your make-up table or in front of a wing chair. A high-pile or silk round rug would be an excellent pick for your bedroom to add elegance to the place.  

For children's bedrooms, you may want to create a playful environment. In that case, round rugs are one of the perfect alternatives. You can place a round rug under the bed and use circular rugs to define a place for studying or playing for your children. Children love to have personal spaces, and rugs are perfect tools to determine a place for them. While choosing a round area rug for your children's room, prefer more colorful and patterned rugs that your kiddos would love to have. Besides, non-allergic rug materials are better picks for children's bedrooms. 

Round Area Rugs

What Should Be the Size of Your Round Rug?

Whether you prefer a circular area rug or not, you should always follow the same rule to find out the right size of an area rug, that is, measuring the place. Once you measure the room, you will have a good sense of which size of a round rug will be suitable for it. If you fail to consider the space you can place your carpet, you may either have a crowded look in the room with a too big round rug or have a too small round rug that becomes functionless. Hence, the size of your round rug is determined according to the size of your room. But, in general, you may prefer larger round rugs for large, open spaces, while for small rooms, corners, or sides, smaller round rugs would be suitable. 


Round rugs might be the perfect pick if you want to try a less conventional rug shape for your home decoration. Besides, they help you create a cozy and peaceful atmosphere in the overall place. As long as you maintain the visual integrity in the overall place by considering the placement and size, these circular rugs will definitely elevate your home's decoration. 

Antep Rugs offer durable, easy-to-maintain, and affordable round area rugs that come in various styles, colors, and sizes, amongst which you can find the one that will perfectly complement your home decoration. You can check the catalog to discover your round rug options. Also, you may read the following blog posts to learn more about area rugs if you need more information before hunting for the ideal area rugs for your home. 

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