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  • Jute Area Rug
    Jute Area Rug
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    Antep Rugs Natural Indoor Hand Woven Fiber Jute Area Rug Perfect for Dining Room, Living Room, Bedroom. Lightweight and low profile. Thickness: 0.2...

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    from $119.85

Jute (which is also known as hessian) is a naturally occurring fiber from a vegetable plant.  This fiber is traditionally spun into course strands which can used to make goods such as burlap, and jute rugs! Jute rugs are handwoven from these natural hessian strands!

We love the lovely organic feel of jute rugs, but they aren’t for everyone. Because jute is made from this natural fiber, shedding often occurs when the rug is new. This typical eases up the older the rug gets. Another important thing to note, color and texture can differ from rug to rug. Our jute rugs are 100% hand-spun and hand-loomed, so variation is unavoidable.

The rich texture and natural tonal variation of jute rugs comes in handy for masking minor stains or spills. However, jute rugs are less durable than sisal or seagrass, so they’re a better match for spaces with medium traffic, like dining rooms or bedrooms.

The best jute rugs are made from high quality natural fibers and are woven very tightly to form a beautiful yet durable rug.”

Cleaning intervals for a jute rug should be anywhere from weekly to monthly (or longer) depending on usage. In very low traffic areas, cleaning intervals could be significantly longer.

Jute is produced from the outer skin of the ‘Corchorus capsularis’ plant – called the ribbon. These fibers are second only to cotton in affordability.

Due to the processing of the fibers, jute rugs are soft, unlike their sisal and seagrass relatives. Jute rugs are perfect for people who love to be barefoot, pets and children. 

Jute fibers are naturally a golden-brown color but come in various shades of neutral tones from browns to off-whites. They are often earthy and natural in tone but can also be dyed to any color. This makes jute rugs a perfect option for most decor – from modern farmhouse to contemporary. 

Jute Rug Decor Ideas

Here’s a roundup of the easiest and most chic ways to incorporate the versatility of jute rugs into your house or apartment.

High-Traffic Area Multitasker

The natural strength of the jute fiber makes it the ideal option for high-traffic areas such as entryways, mudrooms, living rooms and kitchens. Another benefit to having a jute mat in your kitchen or dining room is that you can easily blot and clean it with soap and water even if you spill something on it while cooking or eating. There’s no need to spend a fortune on specialty cleaning services or dry cleaning. A good quality jute rug can last for years, even if it’s subjected to serious daily wear and tear.

If you would like to learn more about how to choose the right area rugs regarding the room's traffic, check our blog post "Choosing The Right Area Rugs".

Great Year-Round Option

Design pros often advise changing up your area rugs according to the season. One of the reasons is to switch to a weather-appropriate rug that feels airy in the summer, then another that feels soft and cozy in the winter. A soft jute area rug is one of the few selections that can serve as both.

The organic look, breathability and natural color of jute create a lightness that’s perfect in the summertime and in warm climates. On the other hand, jute material’s softness and thickness feel great under your feet on colder days in winter, too.

Great for Layering

There’s a reason design professionals can’t get enough of jute rugs. They can look casually cool in boho or rustic interiors, or elegant and sophisticated in traditional homes. That’s because their neutral, natural color provides a beautiful background to build on, creating a perfect foundation for style-specific pieces of furniture.

So, whether you’re just dipping your toes into the complicated art of rug layering, or you’d like to add some texture to a room, a jute rug can do it all.

Natural Fibers Guide for Your Rug

There are many reasons why natural fiber rugs are a go-to favorite. Jute, sisal and seagrass rugs are easy to care for, and eco-friendly. Their natural, earthy texture makes them amazingly versatile — and a perfectly neutral foundation for any décor. In fact, many designers opt to go au naturel, using a natural fiber rug in nearly every room of a house.

When shopping for a natural-fiber rug, keep placement, usage, and look and feel in mind. Do you have young children who’ll sit or play on the rug? You won’t want to pick a scratchy weave. Shopping for a high-traffic spot? Choose a darker hue or a stain-resistant weave to keep it looking fresh.

High-traffic areas include hallways, family rooms, the foyer and entryway, and the kitchen. Rugs that are durable and stain-resistant are best for these spaces.

Medium-traffic rooms get regular use but aren’t main thoroughfares for your home—think the dining room and the home office.

Low-traffic spaces include bedrooms, formal living rooms, and guest rooms. Rugs in these rooms will get the least wear and tear, so don’t be afraid to go luxe with lighter colors and softer materials.

Can You Clean Jute Rugs?

Yes, you can clean jute rugs. The dust and dirt from everyday usage is relatively easy to clean from a jute rug.  Jute’s natural fibers are excellent at capturing dirt, dust and debris. The captured dirt works its way through the rug and ends up being conveniently hidden beneath the rug until you are ready to clean. Take the rug outside and shake it throughly for cleaning.  For a large jute rug with furniture on top, it might be easier to lift each side and clean the underside with a broom, or vacuum.

Between cleanings, we recommend using a vacuum to clean the top of the rug and remove any ‘shedding’ fibers. Jute rugs are perfect for high traffic areas because they are great at absorbing dirt and crumbs without it showing. Meaning, they always look clean, even when they aren’t


Jute rugs are made from the natural fibers of the jute plant, which are largely found in Asia. They are known for being durable and soft at the same time due to their bold weaving technique.

Jute rugs are very soft and very durable all at the same time. They have a cushiony feel to them under the foot thanks to their bold weaving technique. This makes them ideal rugs to sit on for gatherings as well.

Jute rugs are made mostly from natural fibers and these same fibers tend to break apart over time. It is best to place your jute rugs in a dry location to preserve their elegance and durability.