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Polypropylene Area Rugs

6 Best Polypropylene Rugs to Buy for Every Season

Hunting for a new rug is a great way to start when redecorating a room or moving into a new one. The popularity of polypropylene rugs has been on the rise in the last year. These synthetic rugs have the looks of natural rugs and many advantages since they are made of human-made materials. Polypropylene is one of the most common thermoplastics used for everything from machinery to textiles. It is more durable than natural fibers like cotton, hemp, or jute. Polypropylene rugs can also be used thanks to their water-resistant and hardwearing nature outdoors. 

Polypropylene rugs come in a wide range of styles to fit your home décor perfectly. Let's take a look at a few examples.

1. Modern Area Rugs

Modern rugs, also known as contemporary rugs, can be considered a piece of art on their own. These rugs don't follow the style of traditional rugs; they can be unique in a wide area. Modern area rugs can be fun, playful, formal, romantic, or anything you want them to be. Their bold looks come from the color contrasts, patterns, graphics, or even their free-form style. Area rugs are the perfect agent to tie your rooms together. They provide much-needed comfort as well. Combine these beautiful looks with the durable properties of polypropylene; you will definitely get your money's worth. 

Modern Area Rugs

2. Boho Area Rugs

Boho style can't be identified by a specific pattern or design. It's a lifestyle full of creativity and personal touch. If you are going for a boho style in your home décor, picking boho area rugs is definitely the right thing to do. Boho rugs, with their warm and vibrant colors, will bring life to any area they use. They bring comfortable drama to any room with their independent spirit. Polypropylene boho area rugs will show your personal touch, whether indoors or outdoors.

Boho Area Rugs

3. Abstract Area Rugs

Every style is unique and colorful, but abstract area rugs are open to multiple interpretations like no other. They have a wide range of options in terms of colors and patterns. Abstract area rugs let you remain in control of your space by allowing you to influence the look of your room. It is always a good idea to take a quick inventory of the color scheme of your home décor. Selecting an area rug that complements the primary colors of your color scheme is the best way to tie the look of your room together—after that, matching the secondary color of an abstract area rug to your sofa is a great design choice. Besides being durable, polypropylene rugs are easy to clean by hand or by machine. Also, they tend to be less expensive and resistant to stains.

Abstract Area Rugs

4. Oriental Area Rugs

Oriental area rugs are probably the most popular among other styles of rugs. They have always been the centerpiece of the most elegant spaces. Oriental rugs are often considered Persian rugs, but in reality, they can come from other countries such as Afghanistan, China, India, Turkey, and many other countries from Asia. They feature multiple colors and patterns on their surface, making them an instant eye-catching piece. If you are looking for a timeless classic look, oriental area rugs are the best choice. Polypropylene rugs are designed to be soft and will be comfortable. Having the same look and feel as natural fibers, their durable and easy-to-clean features make them an excellent choice.

Traditional Area Rugs

5. Geometric Area Rugs

Geometric area rugs are one of the best ways to make a bold statement about your home without saying a word. Shapes and patterns can add depth to your room's dimensions, and geometric area rugs are among prime examples of this effect. Geometric area rugs are flexible; they can easily fit into any design choice. These beautifully patterned rugs are always in trend. Polypropylene geometric area rugs will brighten your rooms with their vibrant and bold colors while being soft and comfortable.

6. Floral Area Rugs

If you are looking to enhance your home with patterns inspired by nature, then floral area rugs are the best choice. They are influenced by flowers, leaves, trees, and vines, giving them an elegant look. Floral area rugs will add a fresh and lively touch to any décor, complimenting your color scheme. Polypropylene floral rugs can be an excellent addition to your outdoor projects too. They can blend with their surroundings well and make your patio look beautiful.


As you can see, polypropylene area rugs are must-haves in terms of both looks and durability. Actually, when it comes to durable area rugs, polypropylene rugs are probably at the top. Their water-resistant and easy-to-clean features make them perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage. Polypropylene rugs are suitable for every season because they are incredibly resilient to wear and tear. Resistance to weather conditions, water, and mildew, all the while avoiding discoloration and staining, make them perfect for all seasons. Polypropylene rugs can come in various colors, patterns, and shapes that will fit into any design idea you have. Consider getting nonslip area rugs since the additional layer beneath them add extra protection against slips and slides. They offer much more comfort and sound absorption than regular rugs. They are also easier to clean and vacuum compared to many other area rugs since they stick to the ground.

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