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Pros and Cons of Buying Jute Rugs

Pros and Cons of Buying Jute Rugs

The natural beauty of jute rugs is appealing to many who want to decorate their homes with elements that remind nature. Adding a unique persona to any room they are placed, the rising popularity of jute area rugs is not surprising at all. 

Jute’s origin is a spindly and flowering plant called Corchorus, which requires frequent rainfall and humidity. Once the plant is harvested, its bundles are soaked in slowly running water for a couple of days to melt the sticky material that keeps the fibers together. At the end of this process, the fiber is turned into jute yarn to make several items, like area rugs, bags, and curtains. 

Since they are plant-based and the production process is entirely natural, jute rugs are non-toxic, making them an excellent choice for people with allergies as well as pet owners. However, there is still much to talk about jute area rugs. Keep reading to discover every essential you should know about jute rugs to decide whether they are really suitable for you and your home decoration. 

Jute Area Rugs

Pros of Buying a Jute Rug

There are countless reasons that make jute rugs appealing to many. Here, we have listed the most prominent advantages of jute area rugs for you: 

  • Natural Beauty

With their natural yellowish-brown colors, jute rugs are perfect decoration elements for those who wish to bring a natural atmosphere to their home design. 

  • Durable

You will be using your jute rugs for years to come as long as you maintain them well because jute area rugs are durable and long-lasting. 

  • Easy to Clean

Compared to other natural area rugs, jute rugs are incredibly easy to clean. Vacuuming will be enough to keep them clean and free from dirt. You may use warm water, a sponge, and soap for spills. 

  • Affordable

Unlike other natural rugs, jute area rugs are budget-friendly, making them a perfect pick for those who want to use them but are unwilling to spend too much money on them. 

  • Non-Allergic

If there is someone allergic to certain things in your home, some rugs may not be suitable for their health conditions. Jute rugs, however, are both non-toxic and non-allergic, making them one of the best choices for your household. 

  • Sustainable

One of the reasons that make jute rugs popular is their eco-friendliness. Being produced from raw materials and processed naturally, jute rugs are sustainable. As we should make changes in our daily habits for more eco-conscious decisions, it would be an excellent start to prefer hand-made rugs that contain only natural materials. 

  • Pet-Friendly

If you share your home with a furry friend, we have good news for you! As you can know, some rugs may be troubling for you because your pet can turn your carpet into a playground, making it hard to keep your rug well-maintained. On the other hand, Jut area rugs are totally safe around your pet and do not even require a detailed maintenance routine other than vacuuming. 

Soft Jute Rugs

Cons of Buying a Jute Rug

Carrying many advantages, there are still some considerations regarding jute rugs to keep in mind before buying one for your home decoration. 

  • Possibility of Becoming Moldy 

You should specifically avoid placing your rug where it can get because plant fibers of your jute rug can absorb liquid, causing it to degrade quickly. 

  • Prone to Shedding

Fibers of jute rugs come off, and generally, they collect underneath your rug, necessitating regular vacuuming under the rug. 

  • Tend to Fade 

Exposition to sun and chemicals can cause fading of your jute rugs, so you should protect them from direct sunlight and exposition to chemicals, including abrasive cleaners. 

  • Scratchy 

If you love cozy rugs that let you feel the softness under your foot, know there may be better options than jute rugs because of their rough texture. Besides, jute rugs are not kid-friendly because their rough surface is unsuitable for kiddos who love crawling on carpets.

  • Not Really Suitable for High-Traffic Areas

Although jute rugs can withstand wear and tear, there are better choices for high-traffic areas. Since the best cleaning method for your jute rugs is vacuuming, you should avoid using them in high-traffic areas where they can be exposed to spills constantly. Otherwise, your jute area rug can have permanent stains and discoloration. 

Throughout this blog post, we have tried to detail all the advantages and disadvantages of jute rugs so that you can make up your mind without hesitation. As you can see, although they have some drawbacks that you should keep in mind, there is still an apparent domination of jute rugs’ advantages. If you have already decided to hunt for the perfect jute rug, do not forget to check Antep Rugs’ collection, where you can find the ideal jute rug that will perfectly complement your home decoration. However, you may still need some time to decide which type of area rug will be the best fit for you and your unique design. Meanwhile, you can check the following blog posts that will be helpful in making an informed decision about area rugs:

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