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Fall Home Decor Ideas

5 Decor Ideas for Autumn

Although leaving summer behind is saddening for some, welcoming autumn is still joyful in its own way, though. The beautiful colors of this season are great at helping us to ease the passage from warmth to coldness. If you already love autumn, you may have already started to enjoy everything that autumn brings to you. However, you may be one of those who might need some inspiration to harmonize yourself with this newly arrived season. If so, this post is just for you! 

Changing the mood of your living space with some elements that reflect the autumn spirit will help you feel balanced with the change in the weather. Besides, who doesn’t want to beautify their living space with the unique colors of autumn? Keep reading to learn some easy décor ideas to bring autumn’s beauty into your house.

Change The Lighting

If you don’t have the luxury of a fireplace in your home, think about warming up the place with appropriate lighting. Soft and warm lighting will definitely add a cozy atmosphere to your house and prepare you to enjoy autumn and fall nights with a glass of wine or a cup of hot chocolate. Think about bringing ambient and accent lighting together to create a relaxing mood in your house. 

Autumn Home Decor Ideas

Prefer Subtle Autumnal Tones 

Updating the colors of your house with nature’s is a perfect idea for welcoming the autumn and winter seasons. Consider your favorite tones you find in nature during these seasons and use them in your house. Know that a warm neutral color palette with earthy hues will be an excellent choice for autumn or fall decoration in your place. 

Use Pillows and Blankets

Undoubtedly, pillows and blankets are essential elements of the autumn and fall seasons. They will definitely be the heroes of your effort to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your house. Think about placing velvet and puffy pillows with colorful patterns on your sofa, and of course, don’t forget to have a couple of blankets. After all, blankets are the savior of every cold day you spend at home. 

Don’t Forget Dried Flowers, Candles, and Incenses

Autumn has its own persona that carries a little bit of melancholia. If you are one of those who find inspiration in such a feeling, think about beautifying your house with dried flowers. Some foraged branches, foliage, and dried flowers on your dining or coffee table will be great for autumn decoration. Also, open a bottle of wine, light some big, scented candles, and try new incense to complete this melancholic yet still lovely autumn night atmosphere. We know that you have already started to enjoy this idea! 

Fall Interior Design

Lay Down Autumn Area Rugs

Area rugs are one of the essential parts of autumn and fall home decoration. Other than aesthetic reasons, autumn and fall area rugs are also key to keeping your home warmer. You can add color and warmth to your decoration with various rugs suitable for cold weather. Try to be generous about using rugs in places so that you can enhance the coziness of the overall decoration. For instance, use a runner in your kitchen or hallway. Or, place a large autumn or fall area rug under your dining table so that you can make a big statement in the area. You may also consider using a fall or autumn rug in your workroom. Pick a non-slip and low-pile rug so that you don’t have to deal with the piles under your work chair’s wheels. Of course, imagining a cozy winter without a shag rug is impossible! You should definitely consider having one to create a lovely area where you can read your book, meditate, or enjoy a cup of coffee. Don’t forget to decorate the surround of this beautiful winter rug with floor cushions. 

As you can see from the above examples, having rugs in various areas of your home will help you bring warmth and peaceful energy to your place. But what are these autumn or winter area rugs? If you need some specifications, you may consider the following types as examples of these rugs: 

  • Bohemian Rugs: With their lovely colors and joyful patterns, bohemian rugs are perfect for being considered autumn or winter area rugs. Just don’t forget to choose the colors that suit the color palette of the autumn/winter seasons. As one of the best area rugs for living rooms, you can turn your boho rug into a centerpiece by placing it accordingly. 

Fall Boho Area Rugs

  • Vintage Rugs: Vintage rugs have their own persona that always carries a little bit of melancholia, making them perfect autumn rugs. Think about using your vintage rugs in low-traffic areas to preserve their beauty. In this regard, living rooms are the best place to use your vintage rugs. 
  • High-low Rugs: How about adding some dimension to your place with high-low rugs? These rugs are incredible at bringing warmth and coziness to your room with their attractive textures. These layered rugs will also help you complete the sophisticated design you want to create in your place. 
  • Traditional Rugs: With their oriental patterns and unique colors, traditional rugs can be perfect pieces for fall decoration. Just don’t forget to pick fall colors for your traditional rug to create balance in your decoration. 
  • Outdoor Rugs: How about decorating your outside space, too? You don’t have to leave your outdoor spaces just because summer is over. Instead, use chair covers over your furniture, bring some blankets, and place an outdoor rug at the center. This way, you can turn your outside space into a winter garden where you can enjoy mulled wine with your friends. 


As you can see, there are pretty simple decoration ideas that will help you enjoy the autumn/winter season in your lovely house. Once you practice these tips, you will be able to bring warmth and a peaceful mood into your home. 

If you are ready to redecorate your house according to this upcoming season, Antep Rugs is your store where you can find plenty of rugs suitable for autumn and fall home decoration. Do not forget to check our collection to discover beautiful yet affordable autumn and fall area rugs. If you want to learn more about area rugs, you may also check the following blog posts of ours: 

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