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Best Rug Patterns for Small Rooms

Best Rug Patterns for Small Rooms

If you have a small room, you should give great attention to every single detail so that you can utilize the room in the best way possible. Each decoration element in a small room should serve as a helper to make the space looks bigger than it actually is. A crucial factor that creates such an illusion is area rugs. Your room can look airier and slightly bigger with a wisely-picked area rug. 

People generally think that the color palette and size of a rug are the only elements they should consider when choosing a suitable carpet for their considerably smaller rooms. However, rug patterns can also affect whether your room looks bigger or the opposite. So, while the correct rug pattern can help you make your room look bigger, a wrong choice will cause a chaotic and crowded look, leaving you with a room that looks even smaller than before. So, today, we will inform you about area rug patterns that will be perfect, especially for small spaces. Keep reading to learn how to have an airy look in your small rooms with suitable rug patterns. 

Area Rugs with Random Geometric Patterns

Instead of repetitive geometric patterns, random ones are better at bringing some energy and a new mood into your room. These patterns can help you with adding warmth and style to your space. But, more importantly, they will definitely add a feeling of space to your room. These eye-catching patterns will draw attention and create the illusion of a larger room. Determine the correct size and color palette for your area rug with random geometric patterns and enjoy the modern and chic atmosphere that your rug adds to your room. 

Black and White Geometric Area Rugs


Area Rugs with Abstract Patterns

Does your room already have lots of elements? If so, it would be better to avoid rugs with clear and distinctive lines because they may cause an extra crowded look in your room. Instead, abstract patterns will help you soften the overall atmosphere and calm the place. Abstract rugs will not strain the eyes and will help you avoid complicated and crowded visuality. 

Area Rugs with Curves 

Your room might have too many edges and straight lines. Such spaces should be balanced with suitable decoration to prevent the sense of limitedness in the room. In this regard, rugs with curves will help you create a balance in the room. Moreover, you can annihilate the monotonous feel in the room with such dynamism. Besides, these rugs will create the illusion of a bigger space. 

Area Rugs with Horizontal Lines

If you have a narrow room, rugs with horizontal lines are among the best choices you have. The space will immediately look wider and airy thanks to its horizontal lines. You might find these types of rugs ordinary. In that case, you may prefer more modern or contemporary lines with joyful colors to add dynamism to your room with these types of carpets. Besides, these rugs will allow you to add other decorative elements to your room, such as plants and candles. So, you can enrich your decoration with the help of these rugs while still protecting the cool vibe of the room. 

Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs' soft texture and geometric patterns will add a sophisticated look to any room. Simple but attractive patterns of these rugs will preserve the room's elegance and protect it from looking too crowded. Besides, Moroccan rugs can easily blend with any style, including modern, contemporary, traditional, eclectic, and so on. Accordingly, they will help you reflect your design approach by complementing the decoration smoothly, even in small rooms.

Moroccan Non Slip Area Rugs

Other Things to Consider 

Instead of just focusing on the patterns of your rug, you should also think about other elements of your carpet to use them efficiently in small rooms. Along with the pattern choices listed above, the following considerations will also help you pick the perfect area rug for your small room:

  • Prefer light-colored rugs to trick the eye – Cool and light tones will help you open up your space. Besides, neutral tones will easily blend with the rest of the room, preventing a crowded atmosphere in the area. 
  • Add texture with high-low rugs – Adding depth to the space will help you make the room look bigger. You can do so with high-low rugs without overwhelming the room at all. Besides, these rugs will allow you to reflect your style and add a sophisticated atmosphere to your decoration. 
  • Choose the size wisely – One of the essentials of picking the right area rug is definitely determining the size correctly. If your carpet is too big for your room, it will cause a crowded look. On the other hand, too small rugs, even for small spaces are also problematic because they will be useless and make your room look chaotic. So, you should consider the placement of each element in the room and determine the empty area with attention. This way, you will be able to find out the correct size of your rug easily. 


Having a small room does not mean your options are limited while designing the place. On the contrary, you will have plenty of choices as long as you know the tricks that will help you decorate your small room. 

As one of the essential elements of home decoration, the correct area rug pick will ease the burden on your shoulders by preventing your room from looking crowded, chaotic, and smaller than it already is. In this regard, along with the texture, size, and color of your rug, you should also think about the patterns that will be best for small rooms. 

In this blog post, we have listed some pattern options for your small rooms. These area rug patterns will perfectly complement the overall decoration and prevent the room from seeming chaotic and too small or narrow. 

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