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Choosing The Best Rug Colors for Your Home

Do you want your home to look full of life, unique, and harmonious? Area rugs are one of the essential decoration tools in the house. We can even say that it is one of the most critical items that make a place become a home. Houses without area rugs usually look cold and lifeless. By choosing the suitable area rug, you can add a completely different atmosphere to your home and create a warm and lively home.

We know choosing rug colors are complex, and we are sure that most of you have the following questions; "Should we buy a colorful rug or a solid color rug for the living room, what should be the right color for the kitchen rug, what should be the rug colors for the light floors." We hope to answer all and many more of your questions through this article, and you will choose the most suitable rug colors for the atmosphere you want to create. 

Red Area Rug for Living Room

How to Choose Rug Colors?

The rugs that turn into shining stars on the house floor are indispensable for home decorations. Generally, when choosing rug colors, we want to create such effects as warmth, spaciousness, and coldness in the home. The colors affect the energy of the house. For this reason, you should choose rug colors by considering what kind of atmosphere you want to create. In addition, the choice of rug colors is personal; it also changes according to your unique style.

The most important feature we look for when purchasing rugs is compatible with home decoration and creative integrity. When you choose a rug that is not compatible with your furniture and home, you can spoil the decoration of your home. To not face such a situation, you should be careful when choosing the color of the rugs. When choosing rug colors, to create a harmonious look at home, attention should be on the color of the furniture, the color of the walls, and the floor of the house. 

In this section, we will give some examples of rugs that you can choose according to the colors of your furniture, the size of your rooms, and the atmosphere you want to create. We will also give you tips on which rug colors you can choose by some essential parts of the house.

Gray Area Rug

Existing Colors

When choosing a rug, we must first consider the existing color palette of our house. Rug selection is an important decision, as the color of your area rug will set the tone for the entire room. Think about what colors you like, what colors make you comfortable or happy, and decide which colors you want to live with every day, but of course, that's not all.

Consider your existing colors; does your furniture have many different colors and patterns or have simpler colors? If your sofas have a solid color, you can choose your rug colorful to add color and interest to the living room. Rugs in monochrome or neutral tones will usually be more suitable for colored rooms.

Let's briefly examine the different rug colors!

Multi Colored Rug

Neutral Color Rugs

If your room has a lot of colors and textures, you can opt for neutral-colored rugs. Neutral tones; refers to light grays, beige, cream, light brown, peach tones. 

Gray is a calm and soothing color. Even if colors such as black and white or bright colors such as orange and yellow dominate your home, you can easily use a gray rug. A gray area rug is the best option to complement existing colors. Beige and cream area rugs are timeless and often preferred, and popular neutral colors for all periods. But when choosing cream rugs and beige rugs, make sure that the rug is stain-proof and easy to clean because rugs in these colors get dirty quickly. These rug colors may not be preferred for the kitchen since they can quickly get messy.

Neutral color rugs are the most preferred colors in modern-style rugs. Even if you change the furniture in your home, these tones quickly adapt to the new things, so they are highly preferred. In addition, these bright-colored rugs also help small spaces appear extensive and more spacious. 

Beige and Cream Area Rug

Bold, Warm, and Dark Color Rugs

When choosing a dark-colored area rug, our advice is to make sure that the most significant furniture in the room is a neutral color. If you use a dark-colored rug in a room with solid-colored items, you will make it the room's focal point.

Bold and warm colors like red have a lot of fans. If you want your rug to have a striking color, you can turn to red area rug models. Red rugs will be one of the best choices to give tremendous energy to the environment in decorations that are too static.

Blue, one of the most dominant colors of the sky and the earth, is the color of freedom. The color found in both bright-colored rugs and dark-colored rugs is frequently preferred in both types. If you love the sea, you can create a beach breeze by using blue area rugs and white decorative items in your home. You can create a spacious environment with blue area rugs, especially in your living room, dining room, and study room.

Green, another dominant color of nature, is one of the most preferred colors when choosing a rug color. Green area rugs are one of the great options to complement and create contrast in your room. 

When choosing your rug color for your living room, you can reference the dark tones found on pillows, curtains, and other accessories. In addition to this, you can match the color of your rug with the dark colors found in other small accessories in the room. 

Green Area Rug

Multicolored Colorful Rugs

It is often challenging to choose multi-color rugs when decorating your home. However, you can easily decorate your home thanks to the uneven tones available in the multi-colored area rugs. For example, when you choose colorful mats for your living room, you can complete your decoration by purchasing vases, curtains, throw pillows, and other decorative products by the color tones of your rug. Also, colorful rugs for kids are indispensable. Bright multi-colored rugs add joy and energy to the room.

Multi-colored area rugs are usually preferred in modern rooms dominated by solid color tones, and they shine like stars with their assertive appearance. If you have a monotonous room, you can add vitality to your space with multi-color rugs. If you consider buying multi-colored rugs for your home, you can check out our abstract area rugs or bohemian geometric area rugs. You can find a lot of attractive options among them.

Multi-Color Area Rug

Room Size

How to choose area rug colors according to room size? The room size where you will buy the rug is essential when choosing the rug color. In small rooms, you can choose light-colored rugs; these rugs make the room look larger than it is. To make your room look larger, we recommend selecting rugs in cream and beige tones.

You can choose dark-colored rugs and multi-colored rugs in large spacious rooms with a rich color palette. Rugs that fascinate those who see them with their colorful shades will be the focal point of your large rooms.


Are you dreaming of a relaxing room, a bright room, or a fun and lively room? The color of the rugs affects the atmosphere of the rooms. The most dominant colors in the room will also impress you. For this reason, you should choose the carpet color carefully because the color you select affects the atmosphere and your emotions in the environment you live.

For example, dark and natural colors are a good option for a rug in a living room. Because these colors are calming and make you feel comfortable. If the atmosphere of your room seems dark to you, you can choose light and natural-colored rugs to create a brighter environment. For an open and bright room with plenty of suns, cold-colored rugs will add a sense of calmness to your space. For example, while blue and green ones calm the environment, red rugs add warmth. Multi-colored rugs will create a refreshing and fun atmosphere in your living space.

Personal Style

Personal style is also essential when choosing a rug color. You will spend time every day in the rooms with these rugs. We recommend that you not buy mats with colors you do not like, even if they are in trend. You should choose area rugs in colors and patterns that match your style; after all, trends are temporary. For example, when selecting colorful rugs for kids, be sure to ask them what colors they like. They will have a more enjoyable time in rooms decorated with their favorite colors.


You should choose your rug ​colors by considering the colors of the furniture in your room, the size of your room, the atmosphere you want to create, and your style.

In this article, we have tried to help you choose an area rug in the right color for your space. To learn more about area rugs, you can read some of our blog posts such as; "Transform Your Patio: A Guide to Choosing Outdoor Rugs"Guide for Buying Bathroom Rugs, and Choosing The Right Area Rugs: A Guide. 

Until next time, be safe and in good vibes!

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