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Area Rug Size Guide for Your Living Spaces

Area Rug Size Guide for Your Living Spaces

Rugs are essential decoration items of our homes. You can create a beautiful ambiance with the right colors and rug sizes in the rooms. Choosing the right rug size for the rooms in your home is critical to the design of your room. The rug size you select can make it the focal point or accent of the room.

To choose the right rug size, you first need to know the size of the rooms and the space occupied by your furniture. 

Think about the room where you want to buy a rug and consider these questions below:

  • Should you choose a large, medium, or small rug to suit the size of your room and the decoration you want to create? 
  • Should the rug you choose for your room consist of a single long piece or a few short pieces? 

To make it easier for you to answer these questions, we tried to give you some tips about standard rug sizes and the usage areas of rugs of these sizes in this article.

 Small Living Room Rug

Rug Sizes for Living Room

Are you ready to decorate your living room, where we host guests, watch TV, relax, and the house's most popular and most used place, with the correct rug sizes? 

The living room is where people usually spend most of their time and is one of the highest-traffic rooms in the house, so the choice of rug for the living room is significant. If you buy a large rug that is not suitable for your living room, your furniture will look small and disproportionate, and if you buy a small rug, your living room will look messy and small. Hence, it would be best if you were very careful while choosing the size of your living room rug. 

If you have a small living room, you can use 5x7 rugs and 6x9 rugs for decoration. You can select small size rugs that do not touch the furniture for your small living rooms.

If your living room is large, you can opt for 8x10 rugs. You can place the front legs of major upholstered pieces on the rug and the back legs off. However, all the portions of smaller pieces should be on the rug. Also, you can put all of the furniture on top of the rug.

In the big and expansive living rooms where your armchairs are in the middle of the living room, it will be nice for decoration to have all the furniture on the carpet. You can use 9x12 or more oversized rugs in such a living room. These rugs must not touch the wall and appear up to 15 cm from the end of the furniture.

"Does the rug go under the couch?" There is no definite answer to this question. It varies depending on your style and the size of your room. But for large rooms, the answer is always yes.

Rug Sizes for Kitchen

Now is the time to decorate your kitchens, where great food is cooked, and all the family gathers. Rug sizes for the kitchen may vary depending on the kitchen's size, the layout of the kitchen cabinets, and the size of the furniture in the kitchen. Long and rectangular runner rugs are generally preferred in kitchens. We recommend you to check our blog post "5 Tips for Choosing Your Kitchen Rugs" before choosing a rug for your kitchen.

Kitchen Runner Rug

Rug Sizes for Bedroom

We always need peaceful sleep a calm and relaxing atmosphere in our bedrooms. Therefore, we recommend you be spacious and straightforward when decorating your bedrooms. Rugs, indispensable for decoration, are also essential for the bedroom. To place a rug in a bedroom, first, consider the placement of your existing items and decide on the rug sizes that are suitable for you.

Rug size should be preferred considering the shape of the room and the spaces in the room. Commonly used, bedroom rugs are as follows; You can place short and small rugs (usually 2x7 rugs are suitable) on either side of the bed and a long runner rug (could be a passenger rug) at the end of the bed. Also, you can opt for a single and large rug (usually an 8x10 rug) under the bed.

Bedroom Rug

Rug Sizes for Dining Room

What kind of rugs should you choose for dining rooms where the whole family gathers, entertain guests, and eat delicious food? When choosing a rug size for your dining room, make sure that all your tables and chairs are in that they can stand on the rug. All the chair legs should rest on the rug, even if pulled from beneath the table. 

You can choose 8x10 rugs for dining rooms, but you can also choose larger or smaller rug sizes depending on your space and the dimensions of your tables and chairs.

Round rugs are also highly preferred in dining rooms. Especially if your dining table is round, you should choose a round rug. 

Dining Room Rug

Rug Sizes for Bathroom

Bath rugs are a part of our decoration and ensure our safety. Bathroom floors that get wet can cause many accidents. Therefore when choosing rugs for the bathroom, you should select rugs that do not slip and protect you from damp floors. To determine the rug size for your bathroom, be sure to measure the area where you will place the rug. If you have a small area, you can choose 2x3 rugs or 2x4 rugs. You can select more oversized rugs to add depth if you have ample space. You can also choose round rugs, oval rugs, or runner rugs according to the geometric positioning of your bathroom.

Rug Sizes for Entryway and Hallways

The shape of the area an essential role in choosing the rug size for hallways and entryways. If you have a long entrance, you can use a single rug or two different rugs with the same design and close to each other in this area. Generally, long and rectangular runner rugs are suitable for these areas. If the area at the entrance door is large enough, you can choose from round to oval shapes.

 Hallways Rug

Standard Rug Sizes

Area rug sizes are usually of a certain standard. Standard rug size is generally less than 5 for small rugs, between 5'1"- 8'6" for medium-sized rugs, and between 8'7"-12' for large rugs.

Small Rugs

You can use 4x6 rugs and smaller rug sizes in your kitchens and bathrooms. These small size rugs are essential items that help you complete the decoration of your room. 4x6 rugs are also called accent rugs. 4x6 rugs are 48 to 72 inches (122 to 183 centimeters); you can use them for medium to large-sized areas. 

2x3 rugs are 24 to 36 inches ( 61 to 92 centimeters ), smaller than standard rug sizes. 2x4 rugs are 24 to 48 inches ( 61 to 122 centimeters ). You can easily use both rug sizes for your narrow spaces, small rooms, and entrance area. 2x7 rugs measure 24 to 84 inches ( 61 to 214 centimeters ). You can use these long rectangular rugs in your long corridors, kitchen, and bedroom. 

3x5 rugs are 36 to 60 inches ( 92 to 153 centimeters ). This rug size will be appropriate for your square-like hallways' small and medium-sized spaces.

Medium Rugs

Medium size rugs are 5x7 and 6x9. Especially as we started to live in apartments and our living spaces became minor, these rug area sizes became highly preferred.

5x7 rugs are 60 to 84 inches ( 153 to 214 centimeters ); bedrooms' smallest preferred area rug size. 6x9 rugs are 72 to 108 inches (183 to 275 centimeters), and this size is suitable for large areas such as the living and dining room.

Large Living Room Rug

Large Rugs

Large rugs refer to rug sizes of 8x10, 9x12, and above. Large rugs combine the furniture in a harmonious design and separate the space from the rest of the room. These rugs can cover almost the entire area.

To learn more about interior design tips for area rugs, you can read some of our blog posts such as; "Five Tips for Choosing Your Kitchen Rugs", "Choosing the Right Living Room Rugs for Your Home", and "Transform Your Patio: A Guide to Choosing Outdoor Rugs". 

Until next time, be safe and in good vibes!

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