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Guide for Buying Bathroom Rugs

Guide for Buying Bathroom Rugs

The bathroom is one of the critical areas of the house. You need to be careful when choosing bath rugs for this often wet area. The bathroom rug is one of the essential textile products that you should use to complete your decoration and prevent possible accidents that you may experience in the bathroom.

Choosing the proper bath rugs is very important for your decoration, your health, and for you to enjoy a nice bath. In order not to experience serious health problems such as slipping and falling on bathroom floors that can get wet frequently, you should choose quality and non-slip area rugs by taking preventive measures during rugs selection. Besides, wouldn't it be more enjoyable for you to step in a soft, plush, warm rug instead of stepping on the cold bathroom tiles after getting out of the shower?

We have mentioned the topics you should pay attention to when buying bath rugs, which are essential parts from a decorative point of view, in this article for you. In general, when choosing a bath rug or a bath mat, it is crucial to consider the color, size, material, durability, maintenance, and additional safety features. Let's examine together all the mat and rug options that you can use safely and in harmony with your bathroom decor. But first, let's briefly talk about the difference between a bath rug and a mat.

Bath Rugs vs. Bath Mats

Bathroom rugs and bath mats, which have different aesthetic appearances, are generally preferred for various purposes.

You can use bath rugs to create a decorative image for your bathroom. Although most luxury bath rugs are waterproof and non-slip, their primary purpose is to blend in with your bathroom theme and create great atmospheres. Bathroom area rugs, usually plush in structure, provide a luxurious look in the bathroom. When choosing your bathroom rugs, you can harmonize with your towels, curtains, and other bathroom accessories. Especially if you have a large, spacious, and light-toned bathroom, we recommend adding energy to your bathroom by choosing colorful bathroom rugs.

You can use bath mats to prevent wet floors and possible accidents (ex, slipping) in the bathroom. Bath mats will protect you with their absorbent and non-slip properties. We recommend that you put it right in front of the area where you take a shower.

We briefly touched on the difference between the two. Which one you choose is entirely your personal preference. In this article, we will give you essential tips for selecting suitable bath rugs; keep reading!

Floral Bathroom Rug

Material and Hygiene

The material of bath rugs must be water-resistant and absorbent. The most suitable materials for bathroom rugs are cotton, wool, and chenille. We recommend choosing cotton bathroom area rugs if you want absorbent and quick-drying luxury bath rugs. Wool bathroom rugs retain moisture well and have a thick texture. If you like thick mats, wool is the best bath rugs material for you. Chenille is one of the materials you can choose from with its waterproof structure.

With their moisture-resistant structure, bamboo bath rugs may be one of the prominent options for you. Jute area rugs are also produced from natural materials and offer the advantage of healthy use in your bath. In addition, bamboo and jute rugs add a natural elegance to your bathrooms due to their unique wood-like texture.

It is significant to clean the rugs in the bathroom, which often get wet and remain damp. Bathroom rugs in frequent contact with water will smell unpleasant after a while, even if they are clean. This unpleasant odor is a sign of bacteria, mold, and fungus growing on the rug. It would be best to clean your bathroom rug regularly so that mold and fungus do not grow on it.

So, how to wash bath rugs?

Most bath rugs are suitable for machine washing, but if you don't want your rug to wear out, you can also wash it in your hand. Suppose you clean your bathroom area rugs in the washing machine. In that case, we recommend that you follow the washing instructions on the label on your mat and wash them in the delicate and gentle programs of your washing machine not to damage the structure of your rug. If you prefer rugs made of natural fibers, such as jute area rugs or bamboo bath rugs, we recommend hand washing with warm water and soap.

To use your bath area rugs for longer life, make sure to perform routine maintenance and cleaning. With regular cleaning, you prevent the growth of bacteria on your bathroom rugs.

Floral Red Bathroom Rug


Rug color selection is difficult, but you should choose carefully as the colors you choose affect the house's energy. You can create an entirely different atmosphere in your bathroom with your selected rug color.

When choosing the color of bathroom rugs, you can focus on harmonizing with the accessories in your bathroom, the tiles, the mirror set, and the towel colors used. Considering your bathroom floor, you can choose a bathroom rug that is a few tones lighter or a few tones darker. If your bathroom floor is covered with patterned ceramics, you can select plain colored rugs, and if there is a single color ceramic on the floor, you can choose colorful ones.

If you are looking for a relaxing experience, you can choose rugs in colors such as brown and beige, or you can select rugs in blue tones to reflect the irresistible energy and beauty of the oceans in your bathroom. Floral area rugs with nature-inspired patterns and colors are the perfect way to beautify your bathroom. Oriental area rugs and geometric area rugs, which add a rich look and different atmosphere to the bathroom with their colorful patterns, are among the best bathroom rugs you can choose.

Also, modern area rugs for bathrooms have been trendy in recent years; especially black bathroom rugs, black and white bathroom rugs, and gray and white bathroom rugs are among the most preferred rug colors. If you want to create a modern atmosphere in your bathroom, you can choose rugs in these colors.

Blue Bathroom Rug

Style and Pattern

If you want to create an aesthetic appearance in your bathroom, the first thing you should consider is the decoration of your bathroom. In general, you need to choose bath rugs that fit the bathroom's style, colors, and mood.

The best options for a modern bathroom decoration are modern area rugsgeometric area rugs, and abstract area rugs. If you like new, modern and contemporary designs, these rugs are for you.

If there is a country decoration style in your bathroom, you can choose patterns that reflect nature and simple colors. Outdoor area rugs will suit your style with their all-weather resistant and sturdy structure. In addition, jute area rugs may be suitable for those who want to achieve an extraordinary appearance in the area with their wicker-like design.

If you have a classic bathroom, modern area rugs, boho area rugs, and oriental area rugs can contribute to stylishly decorating your bathroom. Boho area rugs will be a good option for your bath if you like old and vintage products. Oriental area rugs with their traditional and magnificent structures will add a completely different atmosphere to your bathroom with their colors and patterns.


To choose the right rug size for your bathroom, you should first measure your bathroom. You can decide on the right rug size by considering the width of your bathroom floor. If your bathroom is large and spacious, you can select large bathroom rugs, and if you have a small bathroom, you can choose small bathroom rugs. You can select two-piece small bath rugs if you wish instead of one-piece long bathroom area rugs.

You can choose bathroom rugs in geometric shapes such as round, rectangular, or square by the geometric structure and area of your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, the best bathroom area rugs are round bathroom rugs; if you have a large bathroom, you can choose a square bathroom rug or a rectangular bathroom rug.

Vintage Bathroom Rug


For bathroom floors, tiles, marble, and granite are generally used to achieve an aesthetic appearance. But these floors are slippery, and they become even more slippery when wet, so they are dangerous. The most important feature to look for when choosing bath rugs should be the non-slip feature.

Frequently wet bathroom floors can threaten our safety with their slippery structure. For this reason, we recommend that you choose non-slip area rugs to prevent household accidents that may occur in the bathroom. These rugs hold onto the floor and protect you thanks to their non-slip properties. Non-slip area rugs do not slip even on slippery or wet surfaces. There is a silicone, rubber, thermoplastic, or latex structure on the back of these products; thanks to these structures, the rug slightly sticks to the floor and does not slip.

You can select bathroom rugs in the size, color, and design ideal for your bathroom. This blog gives you tips for choosing suitable bath rugs for your bathroom. We want to remind you again that you should pay attention to the non-slip feature when selecting a bathroom rug. If you're going to get rug ideas about other areas of your home, we recommend you to read our article "6 Different Rug Design Styles for Your Home"and What You Must Know Before Buying Persian Rugs.

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