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Christmas and New Year Rugs: Deck the Rooms with Festive Rugs

Christmas and New Year Rugs: Deck the Rooms with Festive Rugs

Christmas is the season of joy, happiness, and good times with our loved ones. It is all about that Christmas spirit, making beautiful memories, sharing meals, and of course, giving gifts. It is hard to imagine Christmas without its unique decorations, such as seasonal garlands, trees, string lights, ornaments, and hanging socks. They are all great pieces to feel the season's spirit with your loved ones. Area rugs are not the first thing that comes to mind regarding Christmas decorations, but after this post, we believe you will change your mind. 

Area rugs are the most important pieces of décor for bringing the whole room together. Whether used as a contrasting color or a statement piece, Christmas rugs will definitely be a great addition to your décor. You can boost the effectiveness of your lights, ornaments, and tinsel with a beautiful Christmas rug. Keep reading to get a few ideas for your holiday vibes going. 

New Year Rugs

Christmas Rug Alternatives

Green rugs like your Christmas tree can liven up your space and let your other decoration elements shine. Or a red rug as reminiscent of Rudolph's nose can liven up your room. Or maybe you might want to go for a subtle tone such as silver, gold, or white? All these colors are great options depending on your color palette. 

Pick some rugs that have the colors of Christmas and turn them into part of your Christmas decoration. Do you need some inspiration? Keep reading to get some ideas about Christmas area rugs that will add joy to your home decoration. 

Red Rugs

Red is probably the first color that comes to mind when one thinks of Christmas. It reminds us of Santa, Rudolph the reindeer's nose, and warm feelings. When Christmas comes, red rugs can be the thing that brings all these feelings into your home. Whether bohemian, floral, geometric, or Moroccan, red rugs always win at Christmas. Imagine placing a kilim with dominant red colors; the rich pattern and warm colors will give your home a perfect family feel.

Moroccan New Year Red Rugs

Green Rugs

Green is another color that is highly related to Christmas. The garlands, Christmas trees, and Santa's elves instantly come to mind when we talk about green during Christmas time. Green is the color of nature, life, and renewal. What better color can you pick when you are about to start a new year right? Green rugs will be the perfect touch to your living rooms during the holiday season. Traditional area rugs or floral area rugs with a primary color of green can just be the thing that brings everything together in your rooms.

Green New Year Rugs

Gold Rugs

The lights, tinsel, and every little piece of shiny things of this season can be elevated with a gold rug. How you celebrate Christmas is up to you, but if you are after celebrating it in style, gold rugs will bring a blaze of festive color to your spaces. Oriental area rugs adorned with gold color can be the final touch to your living room décor. So if you are after creating a warm, rich and earthy feeling during Christmas, choosing a rug with gold tones is a fantastic idea. The sumptuous splendor and the gentle glow of these rugs will definitely add elegance to your spaces.

Multicolor Rugs 

You can bring Christmas cheer into your home through décor by placing a multicolored rug with festive colors. If you are looking for Christmas rugs that will last a lifetime of memories, picking geometric rugs or any other style in line with the season's colors is a great idea. Colors such as reds, greens, and gold can be found commonly in Moroccan rugs and Oriental rugs as well, and they will definitely be Christmas rugs for the living room. These rugs will fit almost any room, bringing beautiful colors and patterns.

Multicolor New Year Rugs

High-Plaid Rugs

High-plaid rugs are known for their comfort. The soft touch and the warm feeling of these rugs will be the perfect addition to your home during Christmas. Picking a festive color that fits the season's spirit will be a great home décor. Since stacking rugs are almost always a good idea, placing a high plaid rug with white color can create a beautiful harmony with the snow outside. These shaggy rugs will go great with almost any style. They are especially good with modern Scandinavian-style homes. Remember that with these shaggy rugs, there will be some shedding. If you pick a high-plaid rug made from Polypropylene, this shedding will be reduced to the minimum.

Christmas Rugs Can be the Perfect Gift

Since it is the season of giving, spreading festive cheer is a great idea. If a family member or a friend is moving or going through a home makeover, consider buying them Christmas rugs as gifts. Christmas rugs are extremely underrated home treasures, which is why they are a great gift option. Whatever their style is bohemian, modern, oriental, or floral, gifting a beautiful rug will make a practical and elegant Christmas present. You can gift a handmade rug, which is basically a work of art, to your loved ones. It is a fantastic way to build memories during the Christmas season. 


Christmas is all about building new memories with your loved ones, college students coming back home, and family and friends visiting and sharing delicious food. So whether you pick a traditional or a contemporary style rug, it is always a good idea to choose one that fits the season's spirit. Opting for a Christmas rug that compliments the furniture and the size of your room will definitely help with the atmosphere you want to create. 

In this article, we have given you some ideas about decorating your home with Christmas rugs. If you want to learn more about area rugs, you can read our other blog posts, such as; "11 Carpet Hacks to Keep Your Area Rugs Like New""How to Choose Dining Room Rugs" and "Decorating Your Home with Rugs for Winter"

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