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Winter Rug

Decorating Your Home with Rugs for Winter

What we need most in Winter is a warm atmosphere. There is no better season for a friendly atmosphere, where you can give your home a lively and colorful look and add a warm touch to the space. In the cold and windy days of autumn, the harbinger of Winter, you can add warmth to your home by changing the decoration. - especially rugs.

To protect ourselves from the cold in Winter, not to be exposed to colds or fevers, we must keep ourselves and our house warm; we put on thick sweaters; we cover ourselves with a thick quilt to avoid getting cold while sleeping. We should also use warm and thick rugs to warm the cooling parquet floors of our house in Winter.

Rugs are one of the most attractive ways of heating and transforming your home into a warm environment. Rugs will protect you from cold floors and add a different level of warmth to the room with their color, shape, patterns, and texture. For example, hand-made rugs will depict a unique atmosphere to your surroundings in Winter. You can prevent heat loss on the floor and heat your home more efficiently, thus saving on your heating costs thanks to winter rugs. 

Picking a rug for your home can be a bit tricky and strikingly; you need to pay attention to the design and size of your rooms, their color, furniture colors, curtains, many other things. For those in need or wanting to learn about how to make the best choice for Winter, here is a thorough, need-to-know buying guide to help.

Winter Rugs

Best Rugs for Winter

You can choose thick, comfortable, and soft rugs to reduce heat loss in your home. Even if the weather is freezing outside, you can warm your living space with colorful soft, thick rugs. This section is about rugs in different materials, colors, and patterns and gives you some design tips.

Best Rug Materials for Winter

Would you like to create cozy areas under your feet on cold winter days? You can do that with the right rug choice. The fibers used in rugs are excellent thermal insulators—the thicker the material used in the rug, the greater the thermal insulation. By laying high-quality and thick rugs in your rooms in Winter, you can reduce the heat loss caused by the cold on the floor. Especially thick pile rugs are an excellent option to minimize heat loss. But when choosing a rug for Winter, consider warm rugs and comfortable rugs. Yes, the rug needs to stay warm, but remember, comfort and softness are essential.

So, which material is more suitable for Winter?

Wool rugs are the best choice in Winter, which is an excellent insulator and leave a soft feeling under your feet. You have a pleasant and comfortable environment in Winter with these cozy rugs. We must also say that wool rugs are an expensive option. It is helpful to consider your budget when choosing a rug.

If you do not have enough budget for a wool rug, you can choose a polypropylene rug or area rugs made of cotton, acrylic, and nylon materials are insulating products that you can use instead of wool. 

Use an insulated rug pad - If you don't have a wool rug, you can lay an insulated rug pad under your existing rug. Thanks to the rug pad, you both warm the floor and prevent the rug from slipping.

Cozy Rugs

Best Rug Colors for Winter

You can add incredible cozy air to your room by choosing warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow on your area rugs. Colors affect our energy; For example, imagine a wide, shaggy red rug in the middle of your living room; this rug will attract the attention of almost everyone. Red is also the color of fire and warms you. Yellow and orange rugs liven up your room and add fun. Of course, use these colors if you have a neutral space. Consisting of warm tones, oriental area rugs, boho area rugs that have reigned in the hearts of those who love the old with their vintage looks are best choices to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home in Winter. Geometric area rugs with colorful colors and shapes can also be an excellent choice for your modern look in your home in Winter. Dark tones such as brown, black, and navy blue are indispensable winter colors. These colors, which provide depth to the rooms, are also elegant, adding a luxurious atmosphere to your home.

We recommend these colors for winter rugs, but when choosing colors, do not forget to make choices that are especially suitable for your home's color palette. If your house is colorful enough, you can select neutral rugs. When choosing a rug color, don't forget to refer to the accessories in your room! E.g., curtains, pillows, wall colors, cabinet colors, lampshades, etc., many things can inspire you in choosing colors. Focus on the colors in the small objects in your home and get inspired!

Red Winter Rug

Best Rug Sizes for Winter

The size of the rugs makes a big difference in the decoration and heating of the house. The more surface area the winter rugs cover in the room, the better because you protect yourself from the cold floor. To choose the rug size correctly, you must first know the dimensions of your rooms and the area covered by your belongings, so do not forget to measure before purchasing the rug.

Use Cozy Rugs in Your Rooms

In Winter, rugs are not only a tool for decoration; they are of great importance to warm our home. Cozy rugs are indispensable for the house in the winter season. We are sure that there are rugs in different patterns, colors, and sizes in every room and corner of your home. So, in which rooms and how do we use rugs in Winter do you think we can achieve greater efficiency? 

Living Room

Imagine snowing outside and watching an excellent movie on your TV; cozy rugs under your feet can accompany you to create a more pleasant atmosphere. Here, one of the most beautiful tools to make the winter season in your home such a pleasant one is the cozy living room rugs for the living room.

In Winter, you can create an inspiring space to take sincere photos and great posts for Instagram. If you have a fireplace in your living room, we recommend adding an area rug in front of it. Be sure to do this for a pleasant area where you sit on your rug in front of the fireplace, sip your hot coffee, and read your book! It's almost like a scene from the movies. 

You can choose fluffy and comfortable rugs and traditional area rugs in this area; this is a choice that depends entirely on the atmosphere you want to create. 

Fluffy Rug

Bedroom and Kids Room

I think that when you wake up in the morning when it is snowing outside in Winter, you would prefer to step on warm area rugs instead of stepping on a cold and hard floor. That's why you should choose thick and cozy area rugs in your bedroom in Winter. Especially a fluffy rug will create a delightful feeling when you get out of bed. We recommend placing a large and cozy area rug under your entire bed or small warm rugs in front of and on both sides of your bed. 

Babies learn to walk by crawling on rugs. Children create a new world with their toys and play fun games on rugs. Children's favorite playground is above the carpets. In Winter, you should buy thick and warm rugs for your children to protect them from cold weather. We recommend that you buy rugs made of thick and durable materials such as wool and polypropylene.

Kids Room Rug


If you have stairs in your house, you should use stair treads. Stair treads materials of polypropylene or polyester materials keep your stairs warm and durable for many years.

Non Slip Stair Treads

Use Rug as an Insulation

You can also put rugs to create warm areas in your home in areas near windows and exterior doors. Even if the windows and doors are closed, the cold air outside can enter your home through these areas. E.g., You can prevent the cold air from coming from under the door by laying a small rug in front of your outer door.

This blog gives you tips on choosing suitable field rugs for the Winter. You can read some of our blog posts to learn more about area rugs and to be able to select rugs that fit your rooms, "Choosing the Right Living Room Rug" and "Guide for Buying Bathroom Rugs."

We wish you to decorate rooms pleasantly with cozy carpets.

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