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Non Slip Area Rugs

Best Tips for Keep Rugs from Slipping

Rugs are one of the most important and stylish pieces when decorating the house. When purchasing rugs, you usually pay attention to the harmony of your home furniture and style. You decide on the color and pattern of the rug by considering many details such as the color of the walls, floor, furniture, etc. You choose the rug size based on the size of the room and the area occupied by the furniture. Suppose you have found the rug you are looking for by paying attention to all this; your area rug suitable for the decor you have dreamed of is now in your home, but there is a problem, rug is slipping. What do you do in this situation?

Some rugs can be very slippery due to the material used in their underlying textures, and the slipperiness of the rug can make it difficult for you to use it. For this reason, I recommend that you pay attention to the non-slip feature and the harmony with the decoration when choosing a rug - non-slip area rugs are a great option.

The slipping of the rug can have dangerous consequences for you and your family. Especially on hardwood floors, rugs slip and curl easily. If the rugs are slipping in homes where children and animals love to play and run, serious accidents may cause. In this article, we'll give you some great tips to prevent your rug from slipping; keep reading!

Moroccan Non Slip Rugs

5 Ways to Stop Rugs from Sliding

The rug is one of the most beautiful decoration tools to beautify our home. When choosing a rug, we focus on the colors, patterns, and styles and buy it with great enthusiasm. However, some area rugs can slip on the house floor, which is a risky situation that can cause accidents. We share great tips to prevent your area rug from slipping;

Use a Rug Pad

Anti-slip rug pads are the easiest ways to keep a rug in place. Rug pads are generally made of PVC, felt, or natural rubber. Especially the rubber rug pads are the best materials to prevent the rugs from slipping; they grip the rug and prevent it from slipping. The felt non-slip rug pad offers additional cushioning and provides a more comfortable feel. It is also very effective at isolating sound.

Rug pads make your area rug easy to clean. Rug pads protect the floor from scratches and rug dyes. It provides sound insulation as it provides an additional layer to the rug. It prevents the friction of the rug on the floor and prolongs its life. However, if you use cheap plastic rug pads, you can damage the floor and your rug. For this reason, the quality of the rug pad you will use is essential.

Use Rug Gripper or Rug Tape

Another way to prevent your rug from slipping is to stick it to the floor with a rug gripper or rug tape and fix it. These adhesives are double-sided and very easy to use. Stick one side of the rug tape to the rug, then stick it on whatever floor you want to fix; that's it.

Rug tape does not add cushioning like a rug pad, does not provide sound insulation, does not protect your area rug and floor, and does not extend the rug's life. The rug tape advantage is inexpensive and just keeps your rug from slipping. Rug tape and rug gripper can be easily used on tiles, parquet, and many other floors.

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Use Silicone Caulking

You can fix your area rug to the floor with silicone caulking or hot glue. Still, we recommend that you apply this process if the two tips we mentioned above do not provide a solution for you because there are some situations that you should pay attention to when making silicone caulking. Before sticking, think carefully about whether your floor will be damaged. Also, be sure of where to place your rug; the sticky is tough to remove once used.

Ensure the floor is clean and dry when applying silicone caulk; a wet floor will prevent the adhesive from sticking. 

Use Velcro

Velcro is attached to both the floor and the rug. It is straightforward to use. It is perfect for preventing the corners from curling, especially in small rugs. We cannot say that it is very effective for large rugs. It may leave a residue on your sticky rug, although not as much as silicone.

Anchor The Rug With Furniture

If you have large rugs, you can fix them with the furniture in the room and prevent them from slipping. For example, you can place the rug's corners in the living room under the seat. You can prevent the rug from slipping by placing a heavy dining table and chairs on the rug in the dining room. We would like to remind you that you cannot prevent the rug's edges from curling in this way. This solution is just to prevent the rug from slipping.

Non Slip Bordered Rugs

Buy Non-Slip Area Rugs

This is not a tip; it's a suggestion 🙂 You can prevent your area rug from slipping with all the advice we listed above, but instead of dealing with them, you can solve the problem before it starts by buying a non-slip area rug directly when buying a rug. Non-slip area rugs do not wrinkle, fold and slip; they stay where you put them. You can use these rugs comfortably in areas with heavy traffic, and your children can run and play safely inside the house. These rugs are mainly used in bathrooms that get wet quickly and where rugs can slip easily. Non-slip bathroom rugs, Non-slip kitchen rugs, non-slip stair rugs are the most preferred. Non-slip bordered rugs models are among the most popular and select models with different sizes and color options.

In addition, non-slip area rugs have many advantages. E.g., There is an additional layer under the non-slip area rugs; this layer provides additional protection for the floor; it does not scratch, dye, or damage your parquet floors like other rugs. In addition, thanks to the extra support provided by the non-slip layer under the non-slip rugs, friction is reduced, the rug fibers are protected, and the rug looks better for a long time.

Due to the material and manufacturing quality, non-slip rugs do not slip, so you don't need rug pads or anything else if you have non-slip area rugs!

We have given you four suggestions to prevent your area rug from slipping in this article. You can fix your rug to the floor by using a rug pad, using rug gripper or rug tape, using silicone caulking, or with velcro. We have shared the advantages and disadvantages of all our suggestions. However, as we mentioned at the end of the article, if you do not want your rug to slip, we recommend you buy non-slip area rugs directly.

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